Sunday, 27 May 2018

How I miss them

How I miss them, the childrens laughs
As I scan the old photographs
Hiding now in a cardboard box
Seeing if me they could outfox

Then girls skipping in the backyard
Boy plays with his collecting cards
Wife puts in joint for tonights meal
Wonder if a kiss I could steal?

I drift awake from midday nap
Alone in care, just book in lap
Not with family but care home
No wife, no kids just all alone

Yes, this is now where I belong
Black thoughts strip me of joy's song
Dark corners of my mind do sob
As my lonely heart starts to throb

Oh life, so nearer to its close
Perhaps much sooner than one knows
To go to that invisible place
Upstairs with some luck, by God's grace

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  1. Terribly terribly sad. I saw the programme on the ABC tonight about the way the old are treated in nursing homes in this country. A great percentage of them are suffering from malnutrition ....$6 a day is the average amount spent on food daily. It is a national disgrace. It fills me with enormous shame.
    Please tell me this poem is not autobiographical.