Monday, 21 October 2013

Surprising seasons

                                    Morning wheat (Freepik)


Surprise at the dawn

Our blessings are so many

Joy with each sunrise


Spring is a delight

As nature gives birth again

With birds on the wing


The warmth of summer

The richness of its harvest

And being with you


Autumn is sadness

So many friends fly away

First frosts make us numb


But joy to behold

When Christmas blesses winter

I have you to hold


  1. Very nicely done. You wrapped it up so beautifully, too.

  2. I too love the surprise of the new day that each dawn brings, a fresh page just waiting to be written on, and always blessings there for the counting. Your transition through the seasons was lovely, each with special feelings of it's own to which I could well relate! Thank you, Robin, for this beautiful contribution to Two Shoes Tuesday!

  3. You described the seasons perfectly :-)

  4. Aaahh . . . . . Christmas . . . . . I welcome thee . . . . . ;o)

  5. Robin, what a sweet poem. First, the seasons, then settling on what truly matters: Love. Brill write. Amy

  6. oh I like this one. I love the change of seasons and Christmas because it to me it means being with loved ones.

  7. Great poem, I like the picture, reminds me of summer.
    : )