Thursday, 17 October 2013

Alone by the fire



Alone by the fire

There’s one spark in the embers

But more in the skies


Each one speaks to me

But I still wish they were you

To hold my hand now


Winter and spring come

Summer taunts and passes by

But autumn’s here now


And tears like the leaves

Fall in memory of you

Dancing in my heart


  1. nice. love the play on words..."fall in memory of you"

  2. Beautiful. It takes a special person to create such a wistful memory.

  3. So poignant, a truly beautiful piece.

  4. Autumn can be a lonely place..literally and metaphorically..thankfully we have some light..although it can't always be touched..

  5. Such a sad and beautiful poem. I really enjoyed the imagery of the first stanza and the line 'And tears like the leaves/ Fall in memory of you.'

  6. It is good to remember, even though sometimes it is painful...

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  7. Ah!
    Memories of loved ones never leave...
    They follow like shadow...