Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Just where are your eyes?

How I wish the sun

Would not always run from me

And leave me alone


It’s hasty retreat

Leaves me with dreadful shadows

And night’s cruel embrace


Who will sustain me

Now that you live with the shades?

Can old words do that?


Do your pictures speak?

Where’s that pretty hand to hold?

Just where are your eyes?


  1. Absence is cruel, but I do believe that we poor humans have a knack for making it harder on ourselves by wishing that forever really existed.

  2. Looking for 'you'..of that I am sure..the sparsity of your words fill the reader up..such feeling..raw..beautiful..strangely fulfilling..because you know the writer knows..

  3. Loneliness and loss of the loved one. It is unimaginable how anyone copes with it and yet it comes to us all at some stage. Your poem resonates with sadness.

  4. truly lovely and so true we be need a hand to hold once in a while.

  5. Such sadness expressed so beautifully. Lovely poem.