Sunday, 11 August 2013

The path of love

When you’ve held her hand

And visited a land of delight

Try not to let go


When you’ve found the path

And discover bliss at last

Then tell no-one so


When you wake at dawn

And find your love is still warm

You must tell her so


When your parting make

Linger and finger her hair

She will love you more


When you meet again

Then hold her and kiss her nose

That you’d missed  before


When the street is full

Then clasp each other tight

She is your whole world


  1. Robin, your romantic poetry slays me! You are so sensitive in your writing about women. Seems like you know what it takes to make someone happy, and that's a quality more precious than gold. I loved this. Amy

  2. Hold fast
    Keep your way a secret
    Say the words that need to be heard
    Give the gentle touches that need to be felt
    Greet and re-greet with tenderness
    Never let go

  3. oh! so beautiful and we all need to learn this way to express pure love...amazing

  4. a whole new world....
    excellently written.
    ah, the power of love

  5. Love poems are not not come easy....and yet you have said it with an unexpected freshness.

  6. Good advice for the path of love:)

  7. Simple and loving care and great things happening. Romantics all the way! Love this kind of nice feelings! Great take Robin!