Sunday, 18 August 2013

Love beyond measure

I never knew until I met you

How powerful love could be

I took my hand and placed it

On your cheek and stroked it

In our secret world of romance

You sang a rhapsody to me


We had eyes only for each other

On our blessed wedding day

I placed a ring upon your finger

And started on our life together

Laughing, joking with each other

Until the babies came our way


Oh what joy we had unbounded

And what sadness there came too

All life’s trials and tribulations

Together as we then bore them

Until you left me one sad day

To ever chase you as lovers do


  1. finding love; puts you in the category - those so lucky; have a great Sunday; thanks for stopping y my blog

    much love...

  2. True love will always stay behind, in memories, and in smiles.

  3. Beautiful written and the sadness is felt, but it's a bittersweet feeling with the last sentence. I believe that is my favorite line.

  4. This is lovely and a little upsetting!

  5. filled with love and sadness, but true lovers unite in every birth.