Thursday, 11 July 2013

Rauora talks to Houhia and Moana (No. 103)

A story of Ahu and Ahuahu and their family in a Maori village in Aotearoa during European settlement of New Zealand. (Click on Ahu in the labels bar for previous posts)

Hatiti and Ahuahu's son Rauora alone of the family was not yet married or planning for marriage as Houhia was.

“What do you think of Tiemi?” She asked him when they were alone together.

“His face is a bit red.”

Houhia pouted, “Perhaps you should think of being married too Rauora.”

“Well it will not be to an ugly white pakeha woman dressed in clothes that must be uncomfortable.” He paused then laughed. “It won’t be long before you will dress the same with a huge black skirt covering your legs making it difficult for you to walk.”

Ignoring him she said, “Who do you like then? Is there not a village girl with legs for you to admire?”

“Yes, but she is already taken.”

“Rauora you are not still thinking about Haeata are you. Am I the only one to know that you see her secretly? Oh, Rauora the baby she is having is not yours is it?”

Rauora face coloured up with embarrassment, he shook his sadly and whispered “I wish it was, but she only wants Paikea, Hatiti’s brother.”

Houhia shook her head sadly “Murimuri” she whispered “You still yearn for her even though she is fat with his child.”

“I thought she liked me.”

“You should go to visit Moana.”

“She wouldn’t want me. Hunapo would kill me if I touched her. It is different with Haeata. Paikea is my uncle so he expected me to be friendly with her.”

Houhia laughed “No, no, I did not mean Moana. Her younger sister Hakeke is now living with her. Have you not seen her? Forget about Haeata go and ask Hakeke if she can sing to the fish like Moana did and invite her to go fishing with you.”

Houhia thought about it a little then continued, “Remember Hakeke is much younger and is not a married woman like Haeata. Treat her with respect and be very gentle with her. Remember every look and every touch that you receive from her is a precious gift.”

Rauora moaned a bit and said he didn’t want a child to talk to.

Houhia huffed with exasperation “Just don’t walk up to Kamaka’s house any more, walk down to Hunapo’s house instead. Our father Ahuahu is busy all the time and hasn’t fished for days. Go and do some fishing with her. See what you can catch.”

So Rauora walked reluctantly down to Hunapo’s whare. Moana was very pleased to see Rauora and asked him in. Inside there seemed to be children everywhere. Rauora sat down and the older children wanted to play with him. Meanwhile the girl who he thought may be Hakeke had Moana’s youngest child in her arms. Moana’s mother Hauku was busy preparing some vegetables.

“Forgive me I should not have disturbed you. It is just that I was thinking of going fishing tomorrow but as Ahuahu is busy I wonder whether Hakeke has been in a canoe yet. It will be a bit different from the forest.” Rauora said.

Moana smiled a knowing smile and said “Hakeke has been once before with Hunapo.” She then turned to Hakeke. “Would you like to go fishing again Hakeke? Rauora will go tomorrow as his father Ahuahu cannot go with him.”

Hakeke placed the sleeping baby down on a mat. “She is asleep now Moana.” She then came across and stood besides Moana and linked one of her fingers with Moana’s and then looked at Rauora for the first time. She looked back at Moana nodded and said “Yes, I will go. Let us hope the sea is not too rough.”

Rauora gulped with amazement for there in front of him was a slightly smaller version of Moana. Her eyes twinkled with amusement and he noticed her finger that was touching Moana’s was moving all the time.

“That is good, Hakeke,” Rauora said. “Do not worry, if the weather is bad we won’t fish then but I will still come and we can talk.”

They all sat on the floor and the children played around them. Rauora couldn’t take his eyes off of Hakeke. Meanwhile Moana and her mother Hauku were exchanging smiles. He stayed talking with her for some time and later as he walked home he couldn't believe he had wasted time flirting so outrageously with Haeata with little chance of her returning his affection. Hakeke's eyes were so beautiful, they sparkled even more than Moana's and he wanted to touch her fingers too.

Murimuri - Yearn for lovingly


  1. Little surprises all over this one. I'm glad Rauora has a chance to get over his crush on a married woman. The sea plays a big part in this story, mirroring the emotions of those who may or may not fish... and if they do fish, what are they fishing for? wink. Once of the nicest chapters in the sage, Robin. Peace, Amy

  2. This is great. I love seeing the spark between the two of them.

  3. Funny how often we waste time thinking ourselves in love with the wrong person, only to realize that our own foolishness has blinded us to the real thing.

  4. these stories are so indepth their lives their loves I love these.

  5. at first sight. It happens so often in real life, one longs for another who doesn't feel the same and in the process forget that there are others to love out there.

    I am not a fan of romance stories but I really like your story.