Friday, 12 July 2013

Bones versus Twitter

Have you wondered why bones

May look like phones?

Is it that canines

Have communication signs?

We had a nod and a wink

While they had sniff and a twink

The cats have this habit

(Quite unlike a rabbit

Who twitches his nose for effect)

Of passing their kind with tails erect

The art we seem to have lost

Is of bones being tossed

In the air for our news

Instead we Twitter for other’s views



  1. very cute poem Oldegg! i must add.. I just don't get twitter... but I love bones... spare rib bones in particular! ;)

  2. haha so true. well, i kinda like twitter though (hides) haha

  3. Bones look like phones? Quite perceptive...

  4. Fun take on the prompt. My cat would love this because he thinks he is human. He would twitter if he could.


  5. LOL I don't think humans ever had that kind of communication
    'Of passing their kind with tails erect
    The art we seemed to have lost'

  6. hmm...interesting take on the subject...
    twitter, for me it looks like people are in competition with others and self!