Sunday, 21 July 2013

Spring has turned to winter

Driven to despair

I’ve lost the key to your heart

What have I become?


Spring has turned to winter

There’s such longing in my mind

Laughter is now tears


Sadness you’re in charge

Brightest day is now night time

The wind blows so cold


Is there no room now

Can I repair the damage

And the slate be cleaned?


Or must I thank you?

That in those beautiful times

We meshed together


  1. Been there, done that. A beautiful lament.

  2. I love the reminder of beauty once shared in the final stanza. What makes it hurt, makes it worth it.

  3. For me, the gratitude mentioned in the last stanza is the needed first step for letting go and moving on. So much sadness here...


  4. It must be Autumn now or has nature skipped a beautiful period?? But the bright side is that it will be Spring again!!