Sunday, 31 March 2013

The grave man

Have I lost your love

After all these years is it over

Is it written in stone?


Tears fall like petals

As I ponder in sadness

And cry to the moon


In the pit of grief

The howling winter cold calls

And I am shut out


My peak of despair

Please free the locks on your heart

Else I’m a grave man


You may ask me what happened to the 12th word “Staff”. This word did not sit well with me after the grave man line which cried out “stop now!”  But if you insist the last verse is:


So I walk away

I strike my staff on the ground

My face to the wind






  1. Such bitter despair. Nicely wordled!

  2. Can taste the tears and feel the love - Lovely

  3. Yes I feel the bitterness of your words.

  4. A guttural cry..never be a grave man..

  5. A sad story of a grave man !!!

  6. I find many images here that I have seen in my own words. Like minds thinking in expressive terms. Thank you for offering your mind for us to see.

  7. To feel such sadness requires making oneself vulnerable. That takes courage, so I feel confident the grave man can overcome even this.

  8. Losing love is never simple or easy. It may haunt us for years. I feel for the grave man,


  9. I left behind the words powders and after for the very same reason. The last verse of yours imparts resolve. Although we all know bitterness tends to follow us. Thanks for stopping by my place today.

  10. I like the resolute tone of that last stanza with the staff. go figure. LoL Happy Easter OE~

  11. Rules, word lists, recipes all guidelines.

    I like it without the last first. Sometimes the heart knows best.

    Perhaps the fairies fed your muse?

  12. Like this, but think it better without the omitted stanza. The integrity of the poem before the demands of the prompt, every time!
    Excellent work.

  13. This is so beautiful....

    I am here after SO long!! Sorry about that!!

    inside that bowl, I see the whole world

  14. A beautiful whistle in the dark!