Wednesday, 20 March 2013

I sat at the bar

I sat at the bar and was minding my own business.


I could see the room reflected in mirror behind the barman. He was edgy, observant, eyes all over; but me I was but a shadow.


The crowd hushed as she walked in, lithe like an iconic panther in black, laughing at her supplicants ignoring them all. 


She was looking for someone, somebody, some body to slake her thirst, to satisfy her hunger and to fill her need. She slid to the bar and sat by my side.


The barman lifted his eyes which was his way of saying “What will you have?” 


She cocked her head in my direction. I nodded and threw a twenty on the counter.


I sniffed in the air, “Keep you distance” I said, “You are spoiling my drink.”


“I’ll take it off for you. All of it.” There was a tiny smile on her lips.


I was still observing her in the mirror. She was a stunner. I liked her nose, her eyes and the lushness of the body. But she knew that already.


“I believe in charity, so give to the poor,” I then got up and left the room.


  1. Poor girl gets shot down like a man with nothing but bad lines and too-obvious callousness just because she's only interested in scratching the same itch half the guys in the bar are there to deal with. She's got bad taste.

  2. Don't blame me, my stupid fingers just type out this trash.

  3. Clearly she chose her mark poorly. If it's like most bars, though, she'll find what she's looking for before the night is over.

  4. Hey, any woman who walks into a bar in an Emma Peel costume (whoa, dating myself there) and sidles up to the first dude she sees? I'd say she can take whatever he dishes out. Besides, she pocketed the twenty and moved on down the bar! My two cents... I saw it all the time playing in clubs. Nicely done, Robin! Amy

  5. Far from trash - fine flash - as the phrase goes! Reminds me of that famous painting at a bar..with a barmaid..and the painter reflected n the mirror..must google!

  6. Damn I would have least stayed and tried to get a story out of leat that's what i would tell people.
    I really liike the finger alibi

  7. poor girl he really shot her down.
    Well written