Sunday, 3 March 2013

My Instant of Time

What is this life that

Slaps from the first gasp for air

That grinds us to dust


Do we deserve it

This ride of unbalanced fate

Win some, lose some too


Give me wings I plead

To escape this fickle fate

Snare of misfortune


And now looking up

I see the blessed blue sky

I see a chariot


This is my last ride

Life lived, loved and all adored

My instant of time


  1. Grabbed me with the first stanza. Well done.

  2. Fifteen minutes of fame...?

  3. Ah the chariot across the sky reminded me of ancient myths.
    Well wordled.

    Short verse is here:

  4. I like where you took these words, thoughts we all share at some point or another, while waiting for that chariot,


  5. I think we should enjoy each instance as if it were our last.

  6. "Life that slaps from the first gasp of air"... phrase perfection, my friend! This is wonderfully done. Life is hard, looking so very forward to that last ride!

  7. We are all here for a reason, no matter how bumpy and absurd the ride.

  8. At first the infant mewling and puking in its mothers arms..after that the ride is all ours and if it's aboard a could well be a good ending..

  9. well done oh master of the wordle

  10. Cool reflective look on how life is so short, and so packed. I think your form mirrored this idea.

  11. This is a great piece. I'm especially drawn to the first stanza, and the idea of air grinding us to dust from the very beginning. Excellent.