Sunday, 10 March 2013

At the Dog Pound

My body shook with fear

Locked in now at the dog pound 

Just an outsider

My master gone away

As I was seen barking there

At the front window


First  trapped, written up, and

Touched intimately over every part

Then caged, cruelly housed


By German Shepherds

Now snarling, snapping at me

Oh, for those old days


And bounding along

Over reserves and chasing

A ball on a spree


My picture painted

Now let me look in your eyes

Use me, choose me, please.


  1. So sad that so many animals end up in shelters and euthanized each year. I wish there was a way to save them all and give them happy lives.

  2. Robin, this made me cry. You have captured the soul of a dog we all hope will be rescued... You have a big heart, my friend. Thanks for your potent comment on the "voyage from Africa" poem about slavery. Peace, Amy

  3. I can just see myself falling for those eyes...

  4. Such sadness at the pound. While I know the dogs would love a visit, my eyes overflow in doggy jail. Excellent write! Both of our dogs are from the pound.

  5. What an excellent point of view to work with. These are fantastic and chilling:

    "First trapped, written up, and
    Touched intimately over every part
    Then caged, cruelly housed"

    "Use me, choose me, please"

    Definitely my favorite parts.


  6. Oh Old, this is so unfair! Chloe's been after me since last Sept to get this one dog from the SPCA. I keep resisting and then she was adopted in Dec and I breathed a sigh of relief but then her new owners surrendered her back to the SPCA and now we are going to take her for a walk today! And then you write this lovely whirl about eyes and cages...what am I going to do now?

  7. This is an excellent example of showing verses telling and it makes me miss my sweet Emma!I think she rescued me more than I rescued her. Thanks for the sweet poem.
    And I think Veronica (above) has a dog in her near future.

  8. Used to go to the pound often, just to visit. Don't do that any more, would want to bring them all home and that's not allowed. Thanks for your vivid word picture,


  9. so many lost much many cruel many stone many lost souls...
    nice poem