Saturday, 7 October 2017

Is love always like this?

Tell me dear is love always like this?
I don't look to the stars for counsel
Or advice from owls in the forest
As I struggle for answers about you
What a mystery you have become
A swirling whirlpool in the darkness

Why vie for power to take control?
I do love your fringe cut raven hair 
And hear jealous sighs of passers by
As you lift your eyes to glance askance
What a mystery you have become
But you're worth it I can list the ways

A stormy beauty now that's the truth
But we're walking the same road forward
I'd be nothing without you by me
I love your hand in mine, warm and snug
We're a team, neither is in charge
Nothing is quite like my trust in you

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  1. Sweetly written. We must cherish our teams.

  2. such a lovely poem :)

  3. Very sweet. I think I'll give my husband a poke in the ribs so he knows I'm thinking about him...

  4. Romance is truly your calling, Robin. A beautiful poem.

  5. I particularly like the opening stanza, the seeking of reality rather than the whimsy of stars and owls'
    the struggle for answers and reality. Love can be blind, but true love sees or seeks the truth. I think...


  6. We're a team, neither is in charge
    Nothing is quite like my trust in you

    Great ending that is indicative of wanting to make a go at being together. Positively in love as always Robin!


  7. I like the neither in charge and walking the same road thing. :)