Wednesday, 25 October 2017

See you in my dreams

I sat down and closed my eyes
At last the journey had begun
Slowly at first the platform left behind
Past the signals, past the sheds
Clickity clack over the tracks
Whoosh as a train passed us 
Going the other way

We slowly left the suburbs
Trees, fields and reservoirs to see
Giant power lines striding over us all
Past the rivers, past the roads
Clickity clack over the tracks
Whistle though the station
Boy waves us on our way

Screaming now though the farmland
Cattle skitter away in fear
Sending flocks of birds soaring in the sky
Clanging sounds at the road crossing
My head nods as eyes close slowly
I get used to the the rhythm
And see you in my dreams

The train is now slowing down
I can just hear the announcement
"Barnstaple, Barnstaple" That is my stop!
I stir myself, clutch my suitcase
Glance out the window, wondering
If you'll be there to meet me
I do hope that you will

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  1. That exactly how a journey in the trains looks like and sounds like. Wonderful I hopw she is there at the station to meet you

  2. I last crossed the country by train in 1966, when one could afford to do so. More expensive than plane travel now. I long to rock along to that clickety-clack. It was heavenly to go to sleep to it, in the cute little berths. Sigh. Your poem took me back, Robin. I especially love the closing. I am sure she will be there to meet you at the end of your journeying. Me, I am hoping to see a big black wolf. LOL.

  3. This is like the beginning of a movie and I'm just settling in with popcorn to see what happens next!!

  4. "Screaming now though the farmland"--yes, it sounds like that to me, standing by the cow pasture! What clear and perfect images. Both literally and figuratively, this is the ride of a lifetime.

  5. Through the vales and dales of life this beautiful journey comes to an end with certain expectations. May she be there to meet you :)

  6. I enjoyed this poem, it capture train travel so well, but Barnstable...... ;-)

  7. What an adventure, Robin. Pretty exciting to know what or who is waiting for us.

  8. Good to see you back again. Hope your absence was not because of ill health but something more enjoyable such as dancing with hula girls on a tropical island beach:)
    Your poem is like a movie. You have captured the train journey so well.Clickety clack whistles and zzzzzing always characterises a train trip for me.

  9. Love this train journey, Robin. You made it come alive!

  10. Believe it or not, I have never ridden on a train, so I thoroughly enjoyed your wonderfully descriptive tale of your journey. If she was smart, she was there at the station!

  11. You have captured the journey well, Robin. One always hopes that someone is waiting for us at the end of the your case, I know she will be there.