Saturday, 7 October 2017


Hiding in the rocks
They're hauling in the mermaid
I've seen her before
Her name is Wavelet
Why do they want to catch her?
She and I were friends
Met her long ago
How she laughed when she saw me
Paddling in the surf

She taught me to swim
Then hugged me when I did
With a salty kiss
Wavelet did no harm
Told me what her life was like
Hiding from the sharks
Swimming with dolphins
Playing snap with the shellfish
How we laughed at that

Her necklet was shells
They're pretty I said
But useful she told me
The men are shouting now
She has broken through the net
Wavelet has escaped
Hiding in the rocks
The men have now lost their catch
I'll find her again

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  1. I always loved the idea of mermaids when I was a child, especially the tales of how they were caught in nets and became a burden on the fishermen until they let them go.

  2. A classic mermaid's tail...or tale ;)

  3. So glad that she escaped...

  4. Very delightful tail?...about the one that got away. Viva la.

  5. Her name is Wavelet - That is such a creative and fun name.

  6. It is survival for them. They are clever at it. The bond will
    let them meet again!


  7. Thank goodness she escaped. Wavelet sounds like such a sweet mermaid. Good for her!

  8. Mermaids
    So lovely to behold
    And to be held by . . .

    Ah, though -- careful when you kiss that pretty mouth
    Lips and tongue so very sweet and salty
    But watch out for those teeth
    That bite like knives through stout fishing nets


  9. Mermaids a cute fantasy shared my many. Thank you for linking to Monday WRites this week Robin

    much love...