Sunday, April 14, 2013

When I was courting

When I was courting

We often used her front room

Just the two of us


There we might listen

To her classical music

And we would unwind


Amid sighs of joy

We’d listen to Ludwig’s ninth

And for other sounds


At the slightest noise

I would control my ardour

And switch from bold to cold


Skeptical sister

Would then burst through the threshold

Grin on her young face


Can I come in here?

It’s boring out there with them

I’ve drink and cookies


No sword defeated

A great battle plan so well

As that kid sister


  1. Great use of the words in the prompt, and quite a fun poem.

  2. This was great fun and the grin on my face stayed plastered!! :)

  3. Sounds like a fun younger sister! Enjoyed your poem!

  4. and dont think she was not part of the parents plan...something to be said for the old rules of courting

  5. Clever use of those crafty words!

  6. Remember it well. I was the younger sister, no drinks or cookies, just my nosey self. Thanks for the memories,


  7. very nice/ fun...
    no sword defeated/as that kid sister.
    I like what you did with "ninth"


  8. This is familiar, but my brother was the prankster. He intentionally sabotaged my dates. I quit bringing them home. Nice work, OE. Thanks for whirling with us.

  9. "Bold to cold..." yep, I was the little sister who was always sent by my mom to rain on Big Sis's parade of suitors! Didn't occur to me to offer snacks, though.

    Robin, you're on a tear with wonderful poems, all romantic and sweet. This is a great side of you! Amy

  10. Nicely done, Robin! The allure of 'drink and cookies'!

  11. Very sweet poem and clever use of the words. I think we've all been in a similar date situation and can relate.

  12. Lol, little brothers and sisters should be outlawed! Thank goodness I'm an only child. Fun read, thank you. :)

  13. hehehe Ah the joy of being the little sister. I should know :)

  14. Delightful. I've done this a time or two, a story in haiku. I was that kid sister...