Sunday, 7 April 2013

I want to sing you a song

I want to sing you a song

A song of love, it’s not too long

Though I know you’ve gone

I want to activate the words

That you have surely heard

So many times before

They’ve become my mantra

A project to achieve

They are my song of love

They were your song too

That your lips sang

And the bells rang

As I urged you on

But now you’ve gone

We once merged as one

I close my eyes

I still search for you

To kiss your finger tips

To taste your lips

Delicious love

So now I rove

And surprise myself

As I seek your eyes

In that stellar band

As times sad sand runs

Bringing tears for me to smudge

But that is all

As the rest is clear

We are still in unity


  1. You express as a true romanticist!! I am back after a break of over a year and amazing to see you continue in your artistic and romantic tradition!!

  2. The last line shows such strength and wisdom..and a truth that can never be disconnected..

  3. Sadness and connection to soften its blow. This is a beautiful gentle write.

  4. You are a wise man, old egg. Nice write.


  5. Some bonds simply cannot be broken. Makes it hard for the one left behind, but the bond continues. Your words ring with that truth,


  6. Aw, so sad and sorrowful, kind of like a Gorecki symphony. :)

  7. "As times sad sand runs", so beautiful. Such a delicate song of love. I believe in the bells that ring forever and I think that you will always merge as "one". I've been dwelling on thoughts of loyalty and love lately(thanks for reading)and enjoying the idea of its endlessness.

  8. It's comforting to know that death cannot destroy love.

  9. There's nothing like a love poem to start my day. Thank you.

  10. Robin, I love when you let your romantic side shine through. The ending, about unity, is hopeful, strong, beautiful. Peace, Amy

  11. Like two people standing on either side of a river - still in love but no longer able to touch.