Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Her best friend

I raised the lantern                                    

To reveal her grieving face

Her eyes say it all


Gently I took her hand

Let her bask in memories

As I held her close


Now she was alone

Was it possible that we

Would still remain friends?


Later as she slept

I recalled all his and my



  1. There are so many ways to be unfaithful to those we say we love...

  2. You really write such beautiful poems. I like the sense of anxiety and longing.

  3. his and my
    Infidelities interesting take in this poem.

  4. I do love your poetry's deceptive (in a good way)..unflinching and yet the words so carefully and thoughtfully underneath is always and hope..

  5. Robin, this was beautiful. The ending, 'as she slept...' I had the feeling they might be together, and I would understand. Sometimes there is great comfort during the mourning period for human touch, even for sex. And if he's sleeping in his own bed, I get that reflective attitude as well.

    Works any way you slice it. LOVE your poetry, babe, and thanks for visiting my "studio session"! Amy

  6. I like the complexity in this. I agree with jae all your poems are tender and tinged with sadness.
    Infidelities are part of the human write about it with

  7. you convey so many emotions in this piece, guilt, pathos, regret, hope, love, compassion....truly beautiful.

  8. This is heart-breaking, tender, remorseful, beautiful

  9. My mind keeps turning over possible combinations.