Sunday, 21 April 2013

The Struggle

I feel so spent now

Will this struggle never end

For a promised land?


How great is the shock

Where can we shelter ourselves

Against fiendish plans?


Let’s harden ourselves

Our resilience is great

We’ll survive and thrive


We’re not infidels

But let our love conquer them

Not bombs and hatred


  1. Lovely and sad. I love the last stanza.

  2. well done and commendable, I was not able to find the love...

  3. Love instead of bombs. If only that were the objective of those in charge. So well written.

  4. Yes 'not bombs and hatred'!! Its time people realized that we belong to each other!!

  5. Hear, hear! Fantastic work, OE. I am in agreement.

  6. Absolutely..however as a species we seem to thrive on explosions not steadiness..and love..after the initial thrall tends to be far too can we make that powerful? I am sure you have the key..

  7. Heaven is here now. It's a matter of perception.

  8. But we could be infidels if we embrace love instead hate. If let the joy of life be the light.

  9. I love your poem but I don't agree with "harden our hearts". I think that would make us less caring as individuals.

  10. Sometimes we need to harden our hearts....You did well expressing that...

    in my naked glory, I forget myself