Monday, 12 November 2012

Secret Love

Hidden in my heart
A tale of love unfolding
Yet secret for now

I’ll tell of her lips
They’re full ripe and enticing
I shall kiss them soon

And of her fair hair
So golden and falling down
For fingers to touch

Then her eyes so blue
Look on me with such desire
So I can but melt

Secret no longer
Our love shouts to the wide sky
And the world applauds


  1. Well written, OldEgg! Great imagery!

  2. Wow ... loved the love filled imaginations ... well done !!!

  3. We have aged differently. You are still a romantic (No Sin!) and I recall cricket, darts, and vigorous cycling.

  4. Beautiful. I hope this was this was about your reality :)

  5. Very nicely written, Robin. I love it!!!

    What better can one have hidden in his heart than a secret love, waiting, while we are dreaming, to spring forth?

  6. Oh, OldEgg, this was beautiful! You are indeed so romantic, and write of love with such passion that one cannot help but want this story to be real! Thank you for this lovely contribution to Two Shoes Tuesday!

  7. Great stuff. I hope there's a happy ending!

  8. Nicely written. I love poetry, and write as well. I look forward to reading more from you!