Wednesday, 7 November 2012

In the rock pool

(Mark and Marina the mermaid part 3)   
Marina and I finished our impromptu meal on the beach. I knew what she was thinking now, so perhaps this telepathy thing was something you picked being with someone that was an expert. That she wanted me to possess her; was the message that seemed to be coming through from her to me. However from the swim in the sea and eating the raw sea food I desperately needed a drink and I hadn’t had one since earlier that morning.

She beckoned me over to where she was laying in the shallows. She wriggled a little as I lay down beside her and then looked at me closely and said “Open your mouth.” I leaned forward to kiss her but she shook her head. “No, no! Drink,” she said as she covered my mouth with hers and hummed softly. Gradually I felt a stream of warm fluid enter my mouth and as her lips were over mine I had to swallow the liquid as it reached the back of my throat. It was a curious but ultimate satisfying feeling to have her do this. I had my arm wrapped around her and she hummed on as the warm liquid went down and I felt that somehow we had become as one. I melted into her and stroked her where her bottom would have been. Slowly she ceased the flow of liquid and carefully drew her mouth away from mine. I was in ecstasy and slowly continued to fondle her and tentatively kissed her lips once again. This time she decided it was time and returned my kisses.

So there in the warm rock pool Marina and I made love just as the sea at low tide was making its mind up to come back to shore. I loved everything about her, especially the way she sang a song of love as we joined our bodies and wrapped ourselves around each other. Every now and then she would turn in the water so first I was above her and next she was on top. I loved the way she wriggled constantly moving all the time and she loved my string of kisses that started on her neck and wound round her body and I finishing up by kissing her rosy tummy. Then at last with one final shudder our lovemaking ended and we just held each other rocking slowly in the water just holding tight, exhausted.

Suddenly she stiffened moving her head from side to side, listening, then disappeared under the water at my feet. Her hands gripped my ankles and just as I wondered what was happening I heard the light plane that clearly she had sensed before me. It flew down over the beach and onward presumably to an airstrip not that far away down south. When it was gone I tapped her on her shoulder and she tentatively raised her head above the water.

“It’s gone,” I said. “Good,” was her simple response.

“The tide’s coming in. I may have to leave soon otherwise I will be trapped in this bay,” I said. “But before I go, do you want to see me again and as you haven’t told me about your life in the sea. Will you do that?
She looked sadly at me. “Mark, it has been fun today but you know nothing about me and I don’t know much about you.”

Marina all the time was glancing around observing the birds, watching the horizon and having regular checks under water to get the gossip from other sea creatures. She then continued, “I have only just recently come back to this beach and am so pleased to have found you here, a beautiful human, to share some time together. But tomorrow I might go up the gulf where it is warmer or across the strait to the beaches that you humans rarely go to.”

“I don’t want to lose you,” I said simply, “I am only here for a few days then I will return to my real home way over the water over there.” I said pointing in a south easterly direction. “Surely we can meet again?”

I took hold of her hand, she only had three fingers and that seemed plenty when I looked at how beautiful they were. Touching her gently with my own fingers I seemed to have too many, the ring and little fingers looked superfluous.

The waves were washing over us now and I could see my clothes further up the beach were likely to be soaked. “Please say you will come tomorrow,” I said.

She just sat still thinking coming to a compromise solution said “Perhaps, but we might not make love. I want you to tell me about your life and maybe I will tell you about mine.”

“I will be here to suit the tides again,” I said.

“I know when you will be here, I have a lot of informants” She replied.

I kissed her gently on the mouth and her neck and her funny little breasts and a final kiss on her tummy. Looking back up at her she had her head leaning back in satisfaction that I was touching her again and then I noticed for the first time that just inside her nostrils she had flaps presumably to prevent the water entering her lungs when she was under water. How is it that I missed those before?

I hugged her again and kissed her nose for good luck. “I am so glad I found you Marina.”

She nodded and ran her hand down my chest. “We are lucky to have found each other, Mark.” With that she turned and swam out to sea and disappeared while I went back up the beach to pick up my clothes and made my way to the shack again looking forward to the next day.


  1. I never knew that a drink could be so sensual! Great writing.

  2. This is turning into a fishy first the mermaid/human copulation/fluid exchange got me puzzling over logistics (as you do) but by the last paragraph it didn't matter..not even the nostril gills..this is a love story of the best calibre..two lost souls..washed up..but still trying to swim..jae

  3. a true love story of star crossed lovers written so very well it really sucks the reader in.

  4. I'm not so sure I could kiss a nose that had flaps in it...although, if I were truly in love, I suppose I wouldn't be so prissy!

    My 3-Word Wed.

  5. Hmmm. Interesting how two beings can know each other and yet not at the same time. Intriguing.

  6. I love the little details: fingers, nose flaps, and how Mark simply observes and accepts without judging.

  7. I admit that while I find the whole affair a bit odd (even though I am quite a fan of Splash) I can't help but get lost in the power love that seems to be consuming Mark. And in the back of my head wondering...could this possible end happily.

  8. This is such an interesting plot :-)