Monday, 26 November 2012


Was it that hard, dear
To keep your promise to me
To stay together?

Where have you gone now?
Leaving me to yearn for you
That love of yours lost

In Spring you are here
When the daffodils bloom
My tears are showers

The heat of summer
Stirs the warm scent of your body
For me to yearn for

And as the Autumn 
Leaves fall you whisper to me
The wind sings your song

Was it that hard, dear
To leave me cold in Winter
And crying alone?


  1. oh your writing leaves me knowing how sad you must feel until the daffodils bloom. Great post :)

  2. Loneliness makes one feel cold , no matter what season.

    Broken promises are so not fair.

  3. It seems so effortless for you to put your emotions into words. Beautiful.

  4. Oh! Such beautiful words to describe such great sadness. My husband has had two wives pass over before him, and I have promised him he won't have to bury a third. I'm praying I can keep that promise, though I can't imagine my life without him. Winter seems to increased the sadness of being alone, I wish for you an early spring, and the soft whispers of her voice with you always!

  5. this tears right through my heart, what a beautiful, soul stirring poem. I pray an early spring for you my friend. God bless and Keep you safe until the daffodils bloom again!

  6. So doleful. It's funny, I don't usually find the holidays the hardest time of year. No, it's those long summer evenings.

  7. Even though it's spring where you are, it must seem a sad season at times. Sometimes the best intentions aren't enough.

  8. Very beautiful, and, I imagine, it was very hard to do.