Wednesday, 29 August 2012

It’s Over

Sophie walked fast now
Sure that this was the last time
She was to be free

He had not fulfilled
Her romantic dream of love
Expectations dashed

Waiting at the park
Yet no flowers in his hands
He looked so sad now

Before she could say
Their romance was at an end
His face said it all

“Sophie it is over
You are not the right one for me
And now you are free”

She couldn’t even say
“But I was going say that”
Sophie had been ditched


  1. Some may write 'Awww! How sad'
    Not me. In this excellent set of haiku you have found humour in a romantic 'hoist with her own petard' situation. I like this.

  2. At least it was mutual dissatisfaction.

  3. This is great! Not a perfect ending to a relationship, but both can move on. It sucks to be beat to the punch, though!

  4. Oh I hate it when that happens. She should have ditched him the day before. :)

  5. I have no idea of poetic forms and consonant numbers but i loved the change of voice and the wry humour..have to say..poor Sophie though..some of us are always just a step behind..jae

  6. That never feels good even if you were planning to do the same.

  7. saved her for having to do the distasteful deed!

  8. Well written. :-)

  9. Very well written!

  10. How funny, feeling the jab even after the relief, poor Sophie. Really interesting how you shared so much of a story in this simple moment.

    I have three eager children to home-school this year, so my flow has to fit theirs. I will be around to catch up with you. Blessings.

  11. What a clever fellow. Would that more would keep looking instead of settling or trying to change their intended. I'm rather proud of him.

    I like this one, a lot. Thank you!