Sunday, 12 August 2012

Kamaka and Hinewai (No 59)

The continuing story of Ahu and Ahuahu her husband in a Maori village in Aotearoa before European settlement of New Zealand. (Missed an episode? Click on Ahu in the labels bar for previous posts.)

Secretly Ahuahu asked Moana and Paikea to visit her mother and brothers at the village where the Kaka calls and he sent Tangaroa with them telling his wives, “That is so people will think that we want Tangaroa to know more about life than fishing” but in reality it was so there would be no suspicion that he was delivering a message to Hinewai that Kamaka and he would see her again.

Moana told him after her visit that Hinewai was completely unaware that so much had happened at Black Sands since her banishment. When Hinewai looked on Paikea she was filled with great sorrow that she could not have made a marriage such as Moana had.

When Hinewai was alone with Tangaroa she could see Ahuahu in him. It was to his surprise that as they rubbed noses, she wrapped him in her arms as though he were still a little boy.

It was then when he was alone with Hinewai he said “I have a message for you”. She nodded in reply but not letting go of him.

“Ahuahu will bring your father Kamaka to visit you soon.” He then whispered as her eyes lit up, “Ahuahu my father wishes to discuss only the pakeha with you. He said you do not need to talk of the hurt you have suffered to anyone.”

“Do you know what he means, Tangaroa?”

Tangaroa shook his head. Hinewai then bent forward and said “I understand, it will be good to see my father and Ahuahu again.”

"Why did you hold me so, Hinewai?" Tangaroa asked. 

Hinewai smiled at him, "Ahu and Ahuahu have sent you as a lucky talisman to tell me that they have forgotten the past, they have forgiven me by sending someone very precious to talk to me."

Later back at Black Sands Kamaka was overjoyed when he heard that he would see his younger daughter Hinewai and he had difficulty in remaining calm as he and Ahuahu made their way to the village in the forest a few days later.

They were greeted as usual by Hauku’s children who fetched her and she was pleased once again to have visitors from the coast. Kamaka gave her a basket of fish and thanked her for looking after Hinewai.

With that Hinewai emerged from the hut, holding Hauku’s youngest child on her hip. Delighted that they had arrived she immediately put the child down and greeted her father Kamaka. “Come in we must talk” she said and then turning to Ahuahu greeted him “Thank you Ahuahu.”

With that Ahuahu nodded his head smiling and approached her and rubbed noses with her. “Go talk with your father and I will speak with you later myself”.

Hauku then said to Ahuahu, “It was good to see Moana and Paikea here we are so proud of her”.

“She is very strong, Hauku” then after a pause Ahuahu continued, “And wise too. There is much Paikea can learn from her”.

At this Hauku looked at him quizzically. “I do not understand”.

“She has understanding beyond her years, his father hopes some will rub off on Paikea.” He said with a smile. Hauku smiled too but uncertainly.

Later when Ahuahu spoke to Hinewai she confirmed that the northern villages had been trading weapons with the pakeha.

“Do they now have the stick that explodes, Hinewai?”

She nodded, “It is called a musket, Ahuahu.”

Muss kett! Do many villages have them?”

Hinewai nodded doubtfully, “A few yes, but they have traded many other things.”

Ahuahu’s heart fell, not more to change to their way of life he thought. Hinewai saw his face and smiled “No, no this is good, it is called potato. It is easier to grow than our kumara which men have to help us with, but any woman can grow potatoes and they are good to eat.”

They talked more of the pakeha and which villages might have weapons. At last Ahuahu had to ask outright “Hinewai, does Rocky Outcrop have the muss kett?

Hinewai smiled at the way he said the word and nodded, “How is it that Black Sands have not heard of all this, Ahuahu? Has life really gone on just as it used to be there?”

“Yes, Hinewai, We are not important. We fish and try to upset no one and we have the hot springs to enjoy, but all this will not last long, I can see that. This village too is isolated like us and it is safe for you now. But now I have a hard task in telling our village council of these things that are happening.  It is lucky we do no have any arguments with Rocky Outcrop.”

“Ahuahu you must forgive me for what I did in the past,”

“That is all over now, Hinewai. The gods turned away when you were being hurt, and we did too, I should apologise to you. You are with us again now and everyone is thankful.” 

She came up close to Ahuahu to talk to him, ”I must tell you more about the muskets…” and her words were so quiet that no one else could hear her whisper as she spoke to him.

After she had finished talking Ahuahu looked around for Kamaka, “We will return to Black Sands when you are ready, I must speak with our village council.” With that he reached out and touched her hand. “Be safe now, Hinewai.”

Kamaka nodded sadly he looked at Hinewai with love, he had found his daughter again but seeing her and Ahuahu speak he knew that their way of life was changing too even though he did not understand what she had said.

After they had gone Hinewai cried tears that did not stop until she remembered him touching her hand, he really had forgiven her.


  1. Forgiveness and foreboding, this story just gets better and better, Old Egg!

  2. I'm troubled by the changes coming in to their lives, but we all know how history works, I'm afraid.

  3. Ah, the Eurocentric invasion begins. The White Man Cometh. And the muskets are the perfect "talisman" for Sun. Scribblings, Robin. I am so scared for our people now... the story people and also the gun-toting Americans, taking down everyone who isn't "Like ME." Poignant. Love, Amy

  4. She better not become one of Ahuahu's wives. I can only forgive her so far.

  5. I hate to think about the ripple that waits in such still water. At least there are amends being made before their lives see a change. In a story that is soon to be influenced by political dominance, I'm relieved to see so much human spirit.

    Will you remind me of what it is that Hinewai did to be forced to leave the tribe, I may have missed an excerpt? :)

  6. and the twist just kept on coming. can't wait for next week :-)

    every character shows their vulnerability and strength

  7. This is one of those 'can't wait for the next' episodes. The white man cometh - with his damned weapons. I sense inter-village warfare, but I hope I'm wrong.

  8. Oh wow. So much is going on at one time. I am always impressed with how you are able to weave so many varied emotions and personalities together and maintain such a smooth flow to the story. And I am intrigued at the timing of loss of way of life with forgiveness.

    Thank you.

  9. Loved this installment: you manage to once again contrast dread of the future with the beauty of forgiveness. The tangible evidence of the gun seemed shocking in this tranquil scene.