Saturday, 11 January 2020

The coming of age

Age calls like the cooing of a dove
Even when young you hear it's soft sound
Hoping that it has good news for you
Then later its persistent chatter
Is so much like a salesmans natter

Hush, hush! The young you now calms it down
The futures is not so far away
You know it's possible any day
Like a sweet siren's beguiling lips
As she touches you with soft finger tips

That feeling stirs up sense not yet felt
You change at once to future's sweet call
To put away all those childish things
As love grasps so now you have no hope
Bound to be caught on her slippery slope

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  1. There is a wonderful sense of knowing and wisdom in this poem

  2. Interesting [poem, to make age seem so beguiling. (Or do I mean irresistible?)

    The picture puts me in mind of the Little Mermaid statue at Copenhagen.

  3. Let's then all float in her love and embrace the old age gracefully.

  4. Love that first stanza and the way the rest of the poem plays with the idea.

  5. Age calls, but the "young you" calms it down. Shushes it to be quiet. We will all get there in time.

  6. Your first stanza reminds me of my one daughter who despises the call of the dove. It drives her crazy!

  7. Senses are always young, with us, if we aware of them... I think you don't have to hide what do you feel no matter what someone's age is... Thanks,love your words and feeling behind....

  8. Feeling my age these days .... not too old to appreciate the message in your poem!

  9. I'm old enough to recognize your truth about aging. I like how you depict it.

  10. I like and smile when I hear what you are saying. I don't wish to brag but mine doesn't quite work the normal way. Folk ten years younger than I am think they are a few older, when I'm forced to disclose the usual response is "you sure don't look that old." That happened again this morning.
    Thank you Robin, I appreciate those times you have come to leave comments even though I might not respond. My Sabbatical is over this week, I'd better improve. I will report on my leave, just have to make it fit into here.

  11. This is deeply poignant, Robin!💝 I especially love; "As love grasps so now you have no hope/Bound to be caught on her slippery slope."

  12. I managed to put off the call until watched Remmington Steele. Something about Pierce Brosnan made me feel funny things. Discovering hair metal further confirmed those feelings. :D

  13. My body and my spirit are always arguing about how old we feel. I think being chronically ill for so long ages the flesh and bones--so the voice, and those "soft finger tips" become more vivid a lot quicker.

  14. I recognised my then younger self in your words Robin - O what joy in reaching adulthood!
    I still feel the zest for life as I did all those years ago and feel "young" inside, but my physical shell tells me something different...
    Anna :o]

  15. My mind is forever young, but my body disagrees. Love your poem!

  16. I love the idea of age cooing like a dove. This is beautiful Robin, and I can relate.