Sunday, 19 January 2020

Australia's summer

Australia has a different view
Of weather in the calendar year
As Christmas time is always warm to hot
As well as being one of good cheer

But this year the country had fires all round
Summer is such a dangerous time
As all the trees and scrub are tinder dry
And sure as eggs the sad death bells chime

Almost anything will set trees aflame
As we and wildlife flee the drifting smoke
A lightning strike or a motors exhaust
Will start the blaze, I tell you its no joke

The smoke and blaze on the far horizon
Sets hearts pounding with tremulous fear
To stay and wait to try and fight the fire
Or seek safety at least ten miles clear

Whatever you decide, must do it now
As the fire engulfs all in its way 
Those that fled will sure break their hearts
Those that stay...may die, have nothing to say

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  1. This is such a difficult situation. Even the thought of all that fire evokes feelings of desperation and fear... intense anger about climate change, too. It is almost impossible not to feel absolutely powerless, not to feel like the bit we try to do have very little effect.

  2. I have been watching the fires with the rest of the world praying for rain to bring relief.

    I hope you are safe...I fear Australia will feel this devastation for many years to come.

    Peace to all...

  3. The fires have been bothering me greatly. I hope the government takes steps through your winter to be ready for next year's wildfires. The loss of land and wildlife , the toll on firefighters, and the worry for your citizens has been so extreme. I hope with the rains that the situation will improve, Robin. And that you and your family are safe.

  4. That about sums it up, all right!

    I find it too overwhelming not to write about – and too terrible to think writing will do any good.

  5. The shift from a warm Christmas of good cheer to the danger of an Australian summer emphasises the horrific situation, Robin. I have been watching the burning trees, homes and blistered koalas with my heart in my mouth. I have a friend in NSW I have been unable to contact, and I know from the website that her town was evacuated. The last time I heard from her was a newsletter/Christmas card I received in the middle of December.

  6. O Ribin, I do hope you and yours will be safe from those monstrous fires. Thank you for writing of them. We in Texas have the most forest and prarie fires of any of the States, even California. Until we lived west of Houston we lived north. Across the highway by our house there was a National Forest. A few years back we had a forest fire in those trees a several miles from our home.
    Scary, you told it well.

  7. The world gasps and mourns at the devastating loss to citizens and wildlife in Australia. I pray for cooling breeze and healing rain!

  8. The entire world is mourning the destruction by the fires in Australia 😥 I hope the situation becomes better soon!

  9. A timely, impactful piece. Robin. It is a heart breaking situation for the entire planet … though, I'm sure, more so for Australians who are confronted with the horrendous reality of climate warming … at their door.

  10. You have captured the scene so well

  11. It is difficult to even conceptualize the loss on so many levels. For the people living through the immediate effects, the helpless animals who are unable to escape and then for the planet in the long run for the loss of forest and wildlife.

  12. It is so heartbreaking to know how much suffering the fires have brought to Australia. Your poem captures it so well.

  13. Such a frightening and heartbreaking situation.