Sunday, 27 January 2013

Mornings are like that

On a scale of one to ten it was a three
Mornings are like that
My hearing was fine
I could hear the chimes of the town clock
But my sight was impaired by alcohol
Not that I wanted to look at anything
But work called
I whimpered with regret
The bed looked comfortable resting there
My toes curled on the cold floor
Oh, I can see!
It was a misty day
It was a misty me with misty eyes
Scattered clothes, unfriendly mirror, tattered face
It was a raw day
It was a raw me with a raw tongue
My edges were frayed.
Flinging death aside I showered and wished to drown
I didn’t, so my score clicked up to five
Damp me, dump clothes, fresh togs, drink juice
I”ve played this game before
Juice, juice, juice the colour of the sun
Which curves its way up into the sky
for me and everyone else
Why doesn’t it have day off?
I am a man of straw, a man on the edge
Out of the house, skirting the dog do
The world is vast, too big, too small
My pretty neighbour is at the bus stop
I’ll ask her for a drink tonight. She smiles.
I feel so good.


  1. In some ways I could relate to the typical Monday morning blues as portrayed here. I don't do the drinking anymore, but dragging myself out of bed is just the same. A shower get the blood moving, a bit of caffeine gets me going, and isn't it funny how a friendly smile to start the day can make all the difference?! Great poem, Old Egg!

  2. Maybe it's a good thing reality called!

  3. I don't know about that invitation at the end, Old Egg. A story well told.


  4. Robin - good to see you at The Whirl. Is it your first go there, or have I missed your previous visits? In any case, this was a well-told story in which those wordle words were nicely absorbed.

  5. You never know what's going to make your morning, or your day. I guess that's as good a reason as any to get out of bed and make the effort!

  6. Some days just keep getting better!

  7. Fantastic. I like the periodic repetition . . .it felt like waking up and working through a great hangover - only to probably do the whole thing again. Clever! Comical and sad.

  8. This is a lovely story ... well done !!!

  9. Way to wordle..juice must be good where you are..unless its grapefruit it's not sharp enough to change the course of a morning here :)

  10. I really enjoyed this. I like the repetition. Good job using the wordle words. Thanks for visiting me.

  11. This is kind of Shakespearean the way the whole world reflects the narrator's mood from "Misty me with misty eyes" to "My edges were frayed".

  12. reminds me of my days in the service...not sure I wanted to go there...oh-oh I can feel a head ache coming on.

  13. Love the idea of the bed resting there. I'm so glad I am retired from all office work. This poem has wonderful rhythm.

  14. Oh, I think I had a morning like that once or twice. :) Frayed is surely descriptive.
    Nice piece!