Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Without You

Please dear, stop, halt, cease
How is it has come this,
Us; a lovers tiff?

How could we differ?
We two who would always kiss
To mend all the hurt.

And if we do part
Who will touch you tenderly
And hold you so tight?

Who’ll care for you now?
When you fear or imagine
Me not by your side.

Spring was discovery
Summer was warm and so close,
Winter’s without you.


  1. Second thoughts, when minds are rasher, can mend so much.

    Yes, I like this one. Thank you for the Beauty.

  2. I like how you compared the relationship to the seasons.

  3. It's like the life of a garden - running through it's seasons no matter how much you protest.

  4. The end verse really yelled..loss mingled with time..and regret..Jae

  5. I see someone is becoming a ku haiku fan..addictive aren't they?
    Winter is a bleak time,especially this year..the last haiku was sad .
    Not too long till Spring.
    Keep warm.

  6. This is quite lovely, have been there :-)

  7. A love story inside of each season, beautiful! You didn't mention autumn though. I know fall as a time for preservation. Perhaps a jar to hold what is sweet and warm for the next season? I hope that the heart is spirited soon. :)

  8. Robin, your use of the seasons to describe your heartstrings... lovely. I really think you dug deep here to grab the essence of true love, the apologies that are so often needed, and the wonderful expression of making up. Wonderful! Amy

  9. I know architects have always considered themselves artists - but with a pencil & lines. You are proving the case with words. Lovely.