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News of Hinewai (No. 57)

The continuing story of Ahu and Ahuahu her husband in a Maori village in Aotearoa before European settlement of New Zealand. (Missed an episode? Click on Ahu in the labels bar for previous posts.)

A few weeks after the discussion about Ngaire, Hatiti calmly walked up to Ahu and sat down beside her. She took her hand and said “I have heard news of Hinewai“.

Ahu looked into Hatiti’s eyes praying to the gods that this was not bad news. Although anything to do with Hinewai was always bad news. She nodded to Hatiti for her to speak.

“There has been a message sent to me from Moana’s mother Hauku to say that her husband Torangi has heard from Hinewai.” She paused, “That is all.”

Ahu nodded doubtfully. The message was not clear whether Hinewai had contacted him or someone else had told Torangi of her fate. She thought for a little while and then said “Perhaps, Ahuahu could take you up the village where the Kakas call to find out.”

Hatiti nodded. “I shall take Rauora with me so they will see us as a family.” She paused then said. “The only problem is that Ahuahu may not want to have anything to do with this matter. He was offended by her behaviour all those years ago.”

Ahu smiled “His love for us surpasses all that. He knows how you grieve for her. Whatever the news he is the best one to be by your side.”

Hatiti nodded in agreement. Then Ahu suggested they take Horowai as well as she could play with Moana’s younger siblings. This too was agreed upon and they then discussed how they could ask Ahuahu.

Later that evening Ahuahu agreed with what was suggested. He loved both of his wives and he knew that all of them felt a guilty responsibility for Hinewai’s defection from village life and her banishment from Black Sands.

Preparations were made and after a few days they were gone. Hatiti had never been to the village where the Kakas call before, but Ahuahu had been when he discussed Moana’s wedding with Hauku and Torangi. For the sake of the children they broke the journey up and stayed overnight in the forest before reaching the village mid morning the next day.

They were greeted by the village children and were directed to Torangi and Hauku’s dwelling. Hauku recognised them both from Moana’s wedding over a year ago. She started to fuss over them coming, offering them some food and refreshment. They followed her in and saw that the children were playing on the floor with another woman. Hatiti shrieked with delight when she realised that it was Hinewai. She rushed to her and wrapped her up in her arms weeping uncontrollably. The children looked on with amazement at seeing Hinewai being hugged by a stranger. When the greetings were over Hauku ushered the children outside to play there while Hatiti and Hinewai could talk.

Ahuahu turned to Hauku and asked where Torangi was. Hauku indicated the forest and got one of the children to show him where as it was no great distance. He smiled at Hatiti who had turned towards him and nodded that she knew it would be best for her to be left alone with Hinewai.

Ahuahu merely said “We will leave just after the sun starts to fall”. He had mixed feelings about the reunion. Hatiti would be happy that Hinewai safe. But Hinewai could never be allowed back to Black Sands after she and Torangi had been banished. As he made his way into the forest Hauku followed him and called out “Ahuahu!”

He turned and she came up to him. “Ahuahu, you have not really seen or spoken to her. She has changed.” Ahuahu shook his head doubtfully.

Hauku continued “She knows she can never return to Black Springs but she will be safe here with us.”

“Is this what you want, Hauku?”

“Even though Torangi was content living here with me and the children he still grieved for her. She really has changed Ahuahu. She has been hurt really badly. She has not had love in her life. We will look after her.”

“She is still his wife too, Hauku. Can you bear that?”

Hauku nodded, “Torangi made me safe, he can make her safe too.”

“Well if Hatiti can stop grieving for her sister some good may come out of this.”

“Ahuahu, your family have made my life beautiful by looking after Moana and ensuring she married Paikea; who is such a fine young man. We all thank you for that. Now go and talk to Torangi, he will be pleased to see you.”

So Ahuahu went into the woods and stayed for an hour or two talking to Torangi, then returned to the village to collect Hatiti and the children for their journey home. He entered the hut and shared a meal and nodded at Hinewai who sat playing with Hatiti’s children. She nodded back at him with eyes that held back tears but she said not a word to him.

They set off back down to coast and talked of everything except Hinewai until they rested for the night. When the children were asleep Hatiti loosened her garments and said “Take me husband. I can relax again now. Hinewai has a second chance in life. I do not think she will make any more mistakes.”

Ahuahu wrapped her in his arms and murmured to her, “You will have much to tell Ahu and me. Tell us slowly that way all the hurt and fears of these last years can be gone forever.”

“How is it I have been so lucky in my life that there is so much between my life and hers?” She whispered as she dozed off in his arms. When Ahuahu could see she was asleep he got up rearranged their coverings and lay down now with the children safely asleep between them.



  1. There's always one in the family that makes you sweat! That sense of having everybody safely together is a warm departing image..jae

  2. Such a peaceful, loving ending to this chapter. Jae is right about "one in every family," but this clan, and their extended family, really have love at the center of all things, and that's what makes it work: The family they create from its many members. Your stories continue to delight, Leigh, thanks, and peace, Amy

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  12. One thing this growing saga shows clearly is your own gentle; gentlemanly, loving character. The is an awful lot of you in Ahuahu, our Rob.

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  14. It's great the way everything is working out for everyone in the family. I had to agree at first that "anything to do with Hinewai was always bad news. " I hope she really has learned her lessons.

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  18. Rewards can make one change. But, it seems to me, the most dramatic and lasting change seems to come only after deep pain.