Wednesday, 4 July 2012


Never was I really close to my brother

We were quite opposite to one another

Even train spotting when I was a teen

Cycling to stations he was still mean

Standing by a stations buffer

There really was no task tougher

Than to fend myself from blows and punches

Though we each had our own packed lunches.

Luckily this sibling rivalry was ended

When another school I attended

And grew away from his admonition

And his lack of true contrition

I found interests of my own to follow

And he was left alone to wallow

And so our ways did part asunder

And I finished up downunder

But still I yearn for youth and those days

Of transition as on steam trains I did gaze

And wonder whether in all our strife

There was some unity in our life

As we bathed in life’s long dream

All swirling in smoke and steam

Downunder  - Australia


  1. Even within our own families we can be so different that we can't always be friends with those we love or who we've been told we must love.

    It makes sense - why should blood alone determine who we find to be a compatible companion? But society uses every media to make us feel bad when those tight bonds aren't there.

    I gave up on trying to be friends with my sister. She doesn't want it. You can only do so much to build that bond and then you have to let it go.

  2. There is a wistfulness in this memory..curled up in the steam..sometimes we need someone to fight against to find out who we are..and love isn't always hugs and kisses..couldn't help think of the other 'Trainspotting' either..Jae

  3. Wow Mr. Egg..this one is awesome..the line "as we bathed in life's long dream" is is unfortunate but it seems that no matter where we were raised there is always sibling strife...this story, written as a poem, could fit right in to a lot of family closets.

  4. This is a raw glimpse at youthful hope and sibling strife. Truly unfortunate that the bound was not as strong as the lines here...the consistent rhyme and the delicate language. I hope that it did not carry out into adulthood, hopefully the quarrel faded just as the swirl leaves after the "smoke and steam". I'm glad that there is reason, still, for yearning.

  5. The younger sibling always have a price to pay it seems, hope you forgive him. He didn't know how much hurt he caused, he will realize it one day but it can be taught only with love. Hope he reads this poem.

  6. As your uncle, I know it all. I felt bad for you then, and I'm sorry that the hurt and disappointment has lingered on in your memory. But here you are, still going strong and writing some terrific stories and poems, whereas he........well, daisies are a nice flower.

  7. I agree with Ann (bunnygirl) They say blood is thicker than water and so is chicken soup:)

    It was your brother's loss..a lot of people would have liked a nice little brother like you.x

  8. I love trainspotting, and still do, though most the trains either look the same or are the same through my small town. Brothers are...well, they just are. I used to be very close to my older brother, and he was dutifully protective. But we got separated during all the divorcing and arguing between our parents. Your sharing here has so many dynamics of sibling relations and emotions. I appreciate that. Thank you.

  9. Sorry, Old Egg! Believe it or not, I have one like that, too!

  10. Thanks, really enjoyed reading that. Touching and thoughtful, it translates your feelings well and flows so nicely. x

  11. Even with differences we still long for the times of idyllic childhood.