Sunday, 8 April 2012

An invitation to eat with the Head man (No 47)

The continuing story of Ahu and Ahuahu her husband in a Maori village in Aotearoa before European settlement of New Zealand. (Missed an episode? Click on Ahu in the labels bar for previous posts.)

Moana did as she was told and worked hard to be accepted in the village community. Although she sometimes went fishing with Ahuahu and Kamaka again, word soon got around and the other fishermen would always try to fish near them.

Ahu and Hatiti took her with all the children to the Hot Springs to visit Hatiti’s relatives from her first marriage but Hatiti was so overcome with sadness that they did not stay long. It was not long after this Moana befriended the old widow Hirini and started taking her to the Hot Springs to bathe. She had to walk at the old woman’s pace instead of dashing about as she would normally do. The old woman taught Moana to cook food in the hottest springs by dangling a pot on the end of a rod and immersing it in the near boiling water.

She also looked after Ahu and Hatiti’s young children while the two mothers were working in the vegetable plots or gathering vines and leaves from the forest and at other times she would accompany Hoata, Kamaka’s wife to help her on the Taro plot too.

If she ever looked on the young men in the village no one could vouch for it as her eyes were always looking down when they were close.

At their evening meal one day Moana could not contain her frustration. “I have been here for more than two moons now and not yet set eyes on Paikea, Ahu.”

“No, but that is good, Moana. You have not seen him because you have been busy but I expect he has seen you.”

“It is possible you will see him soon.” said Ahuahu. I have been invited to discuss some matters with the chief regarding the village at Gannet Island. He would like you there too as you may be able to tell him more about the Gannet Island village. Ahu will come with us and you both will sit with the women to answer any queries he has.” Moana nodded her head in agreement but her heart beat faster at the thought she would see Paikea in his home. This was a treat she had been waiting for.

Later Ahu spoke to Ahuahu. “Hatiti may feel left out if Moana and I accompany you to the chief’s house. Be with her for the next few nights to show her how important she is. So for the next three nights Hatiti had Ahuahu all to herself. “Surely husband, I will have your child now.” She said after Ahuahu had woken her in the middle of the night to make love to her again.

“I love the fullness of your body, Hatiti, the way your eyes show me you love me, the way your lips are so full with words of love and your breasts so full of the nourishment for our children. I love it when you wear that white tipped feather in your hair, when I see that as I come home I know I can always rely on your love.”

Hatiti was very happy with Ahuahu and how he had spoken to her in this way, she knew she loved him now even more than Kaihutu her first husband and did not mind that she would not be going to the chief’s house. When she awoke the next morning she felt her belly and prayed to Papatuanuku, “Mother of all, bring me a child for Ahuahu.”

Ahuahu still drowsy from sleep heard her and whispered as he stroked her fondly, “She will, she will, my wife.” And Hatiti cried openly for joy as she lay her head on his chest and held him tight.

Papatuanuku – female goddess


  1. An Easter passion of a different sort..Jae

  2. I suspect there is more tenderness in your soul, Rob, than there is in mine. Nice episode!

  3. I'm drowning in the idea of such devotional and honest love, Ahuahu shows the same to both of these women(Ahu is precious).

    Even though I cannot quite hold on to it, I love swimming in it.

    A delightful treat.

    ps~So is George Melies!

  4. adding the hot springs is good visuals.

    who can really define love?

  5. I'm amazed at how well the three of them balance this marriage. I keep expecting them to mess up, but they are all turning out to be great people who handle it well.

  6. I keep expecting jealousy in this three way love affair too. It all seems so balanced and so lovely.
    Just read the last 5 posts. Still such a lovely tale. Enjoying it very much.

  7. As others have remarked, it's lovely the way there is no jealousy in this relationship. But when one has been raised with polygamy as a norm, I suppose it's not so hard. What trips people up isn't circumstances but expectations.

  8. This installment is another treat for your readers.

  9. A beautiful moment captured here!