Wednesday, 18 April 2012


I think it's over

I say, no more dependence

I say, we beak up

You say, it is not

Your calm eyes belligerent

Your hand touches my hair

We kept this up long

We knew no break up is easy

We still love each other

I squirm as you speak

You weep sad tears of regret

We kiss and make up


  1. I hate to think of the story of love becoming a dependent condition, but I guess sometimes it's simply easier to stay together. When I think of the squirming, it feels hopeless.

    By the way, I love the 'I' and then 'You' and then 'We' and then the 'I', 'You', and 'We'. Anyway, you know what I mean, that was awesome!

  2. Sometimes you have to break up in spite of the love. I would like to think, though, that making up leads to better things.

  3. gosh I loved this! So many of us have had this very experience it can define us in the end, kudos on this spot light into human nature!

  4. I squirm at
    how many times
    I've been in
    this situation

  5. It can be so hard at the end. When you know you should leave, but you can't bear the pain you know it's going to bring. Especially when you see the pain in the others eyes. You forget that you will get over it. And another door won't open until you shut this one. Great poem x

  6. Without wishing to be facetious, I suppose it all DEPENDS, really.
    Nice poem.

  7. That would be dependence..I wonder if it comes from the other person or something inside?..but what do I know! Just know you have created a powerful poem..Jae

  8. It's sad when two co-dependent people can't break their cycle of love and hurt and pain. Very hard to break up with someone you love, knowing the break-up is right for you, and right for them, and knowing that the break-up is causing them so much pain because they can't yet see it's the best thing as well as inevitable. Sometimes you need to break up to keep from tearing each other apart. Well said, Old Egg.

  9. touching, becuz my wife of 5 years that there is more to life than me.

  10. sometimes people stay together and fix what is wrong I hope that is the case with this poem.