Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Blow, blow thou winter wind

In Australia as winter approaches even I have my problems but mainly with old age and forgetfulness.

I hate the winter

The ice, the rain, that cold draft

From under the door

Sitting frustrated

I must locate the source now

For me it is war

One more sweater on

And now fill the kettle up

To make a hot drink

I see the problem

Slam that stupid back door shut

Ah! Serenity


  1. It's funny how an open door creates such an elusive draft. Our garage door does that. I don't know how.

    Love the haiku.

  2. the chill of winter's draft and then it's followed by the heat of summers wrath

  3. Sweet! A beautiful image, and I love that you also saw a battle in your vision with the three words this week. We can feel the draft, and the serenity that shutting it off can bring.

  4. A great set of senryu.
    It is cold up here in NW slopes and plains but only at night

    Nice to rug up with a cuppa..Just hibernate in big furs for the winter and emerge next spring..I am:)

    I like these poems of yours. Keep at it.

  5. Our winter is trying hard to move into proper spring, but it's late this year. Ambient temperature won't move above 6 plus yet. Would you like me to send you a fur hat?

  6. Brr..a draught excluder maybe a good bet too..metaphorical chills are just as pesky..and harder to slam the door on..I love this poem..Jae

  7. I had to use my electric blanket this morning and it's spring

  8. this was fun to read - first the
    sly, cold winter and then the
    punch line - loved.

  9. And in my corner of the world, the opposite reigns. In summer, I work hard to close all the gaps and keep that 100 degree F air outdoors!

  10. We are enjoying spring here. Our winter was a non-winter! Maybe your winter won't amount to much.
    At any rate, I loved your haiku string!

  11. I sort of chuckled to myself as I read the last verse. I saw a comment of your on one of the other TWW poems and thought, wow, he really hit the nail on the head. You were talking about the prompts and how you think about it and come back and there are already 30 posts up there. That happened to me this week.

  12. I finally love winter because it snows where we live now. Before that, I aged a couple of decades during the winter season. Without the relentless war, I wonder if we would enjoy the heat so much.

    This is a great little poem!

    ps~~Thanks for coming by so often. I've just recovered from being pretty sick and hoping to catch up on my blog. :)

  13. Indeed with the back door closed, a sweater and a warm drink, serenity has arrived :) Simple, but effectively expressed.