Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Ahuahu talks to Kamaka when fishing (No 36)

The continuing story of Ahu and Ahuahu her husband in a Maori village in Aotearoa before European settlement of New Zealand.

Hatiti could not help but cry from happiness now that both Ahu and she were Ahuahu’s wives. Ahuahu on the other hand was very pleased too that both women cared for each other but he did not know what to say to them when they were all together in the morning after he had asked Hatiti to be his wife so he merely said he would go fishing with Kamaka and left the two women to talk.

He had to speak to Kamaka in any case to tell him that Hatiti, Kamaka’s daughter was his wife now and would be looked after by him. He had no reason for embarrassment but hoped that Kamaka would accept the situation with good grace.

He did not mention the arrangement until they were in the boat together and had cast their nets into the sea.

“Kamaka my friend, I have been asked to take Hatiti as my wife. I have agreed and Ahu gets on well with her. I hope it makes you happy that she will be looked after now that she has lost her first husband.”

Kamaka nodded as though uncommitted but added “I thought you had already taken her as your wife but had not told me.”

“I would not do that, Kamaka.”

“No, but all I knew was that Hatiti was always happy to be with Ahu. I am still ashamed that Hinewai her sister is no longer welcome in the village. I grieve for her despite the trouble she has caused. It is hard to think straight.”

“Do you know where she has gone?”

“She spoke not a word to me when she left. I do not think that she will remain long with Torangi. One day he will wake up and she will be gone.”

The two men were silent for some time, concentrating on their fishing then Kamaka called out to Ahuahu “May you and Hatiti have many boys…all fishermen, then I shall be happy. I am happy with your action.” He then turned away from Ahuahu and faced the wind so that his emotion would not show.

Later that evening Ahuahu was with Ahu and told her he had spoken to Kamaka and what he had said.

“You must sleep with Hatiti tonight and tell her what you have told me too. I am sure she will want you again.”

Ahuahu hung his head. “Why am I so weak? She is not yet fully mine Ahu. I have only held and stroked her then told her I was glad to have someone so beautiful to share my life with just as you told me to.”

Ahu held his face in her hands and lifted his head so that he should see her. “You show your love for me in so many ways Ahuahu. Now you have to honour that wish of Kamaka’s to have one daughter he can be proud of. Hatiti will not feel she is married to you unless she bears your children too.”

With that they hugged each other and Ahuahu gently kissed Ahu’s eyes and ears and breathed in the scent of her hair. They were interrupted by Hatiti returning with the children.

“Hatiti, I was speaking with your father today.” Said Ahuahu, “There is much I have to tell you. After you have fed the little ones we will go to your house to talk tonight.”

Hatiti nodded in response and Ahu smiled at her and nodded to her in turn.

Later that evening after the children were all asleep Ahuahu and Hatiti went to her house. They kneeled facing each other and he told her of his conversation with her father Kamaka. He then reached out and took her hand and placed in on his neck and in the near darkness he touched her face gently and ran his fingers over her body. She wriggled a little and removed all her clothing and reached out again to touch him. He in his turn leaned forward and placed his head between her full breasts and told her he could hear her heart beating. Gradually they lay down on the mat and he gently kissed every part of her body. She shook with desire for him and slowly she made him part of her and he in his turn made sure that they were finally but one person and that all other thoughts and fears of their relationship were banished from his mind. He loved the way she would continually touch and explore his body as he satisfied her. She let out one last gasp of passion but would not let her grip on him loosen as she hugged him tightly. He stroked her thighs and nuzzled into her neck as they slowly relaxed he could see her dimly in the moonlight breathing heavily but still not letting her grip on him lessen at all.

“Thank you Hatiti, you are so beautiful. How is it I have the two most beautiful women in Aotearoa to be my wives.”

“Ahu and I are much luckier; you came from over the ocean, so we have the most loving man in the world.”

Ahuahu continued to touch her tracing his fingers up and down her body until she said “I never believed that loving someone could be so wonderful. Even my first husband Kaihutu who I loved so much did not make me feel this way.”

“Hatiti, Kaihutu was Horowai’s father, she is too young to ever remember him but when she grows up you must tell her what a good man he was and how he loved both of you. I will always love and look after Horowai like my own daughter but she must know she has a different story to tell her children. He must not be shut out of your memory.”

“You are right and though I would rather you were with me every day for my own, I must be sensible and ask you to be with Ahu tomorrow night, but if you hear thunder that is not the gods grumbling but me.” Haititi paused and then said to him, “Touch me again before I have to feed Aotea.”


  1. It all looks good, yet I can't help but feel it's not going to work out well.

  2. Yes, maybe there are some ominous waves brewing underneath this moment of togetherness and passion..I wonder how the story would feel through the first person perspective..that being my only method..just a thought..always want to know what goes on inside people's noggins! Keep this world alive for us..Jae

  3. It's coming! The thunder will erupt and there will be more than a few rumbles and grumbles. Thanks for entertaining us all!

  4. I admire your ability to think in a different cultural context. I'll be tuning in for more!

  5. Your story just grows and grows! I can tell that the best is yet to come!

  6. It's easy to get lost in these moments, so pure and passionate.

    You've arranged such an 'island' feel in some of these excerpts with practical relationships and true moments of sacrifice. In every delicious love story, a sort of triangle forms and more than one heart is easily shattered.

    Anticipating what's next!

  7. The union is wonderfully done. I was especially pleased when Ahuahu reminded her to keep Kaihutu in her memory.

  8. Romanticism of the highest order; unflagging sensual sensitivity. I am admiring this story immensely.