Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Io arrives in Australia (No 4)

The continuing adventures of me and the Greek goddess Io
Io (AKA Violet S Inarchus) and I landed in Adelaide quite early in the morning. It didn’t feel early for us we had breakfasted at some ungodly hour so that the aircraft would be ready for the next leg of its flight with the minimum of inconvenience to the flight crews but for the maximum discomfort for the alighting passengers.
We skipped the duty free shop, trundled into immigration and customs. Well I trundled with my case but Io nonchalantly fronted the necessary counters and interviews with just her large red handbag. I didn’t dare guess what it contained nor if it would pass the x-ray scanner. I was a coward I just wasn’t with her at times like this. I had a nasty feeling that she would turn to me for help when it was discovered she didn’t even have a passport or entry permit…well one that I could see.
I had my own problems though being grilled as to whether I had visited a farm in the UK and played with animals with mad cow disease. They even wanted to know why I visited Greece. I felt like saying “Well I had always fancied an affair with a sexy naiad all moist and naked from the stream and luckily I found one and look there she is over there.” Luckily I kept to the standard spiel about ancient temples and trying out my Greek. Unluckily the woman on the counter was of Greek origin and came out with some unintelligible gabble. I stuttered a geis sas and eycharisto and moved on quickly.
Not unexpectedly Io had already got through to the arrival hall before me. As she stood there smiling I felt that it was she that was welcoming me to Adelaide rather than the other way round.
As I wheeled my case to the exit and we queued up for a taxi, we were welcomed by the dry air of Adelaide and a clear blue sky. It was already quite warm so early in the morning as we shuffled along in the queue to grab a taxi. Our driver who on hearing my address; nodded in comprehension and then we drove out of the arrivals bay. Io was very observant. She looked at the photo ID of the Indian driver and would no doubt have started a conversation with him about the mogul emperors had I not jumped in first and asked him how the cricket was going. Luckily that was the right subject and after receiving a shayakking about how weak the Aussies were we then had to endure his effusive praises for Tendulkar and the rest of the Indian team. At least we didn’t get an in depth conversation about Macedonia versus the world with Alexander the Great from Mrs. Inarchus.
Io poked me in the ribs but kept a slightly sullen silence until we got to my house. As I let us in she changed immediately and delightedly started to discover all the rooms. I put on the air conditioning to suck out the stale air, did a quick check of all the rooms then took my case to the bedroom. Io was already stretched out on the bed.
“Is this where we will sleep?
“No I have a fish pond you can use. Trust me, you will be more comfortable there won’t you, being a Naiad?”
She jumped up off the bed wrapped her arms around me, “I do love the way you talk to me. You are not frightened of me. You make me laugh.”
She then dragged me down onto the bed with her and started shedding her clothes, which were few.
“Io, you may still be that young heifer that Zeus wanted so much but remember I am an old mortal.”
Her skin so flawless and beautiful, her body so youthful and eager and her breath as sweet as honey she leaned over me and as she blew on my face it made me relaxed and comfortable and filled me with an overwhelming desire that I have never felt before. She seemed to change before me her breasts swelled and her skin took on a bronzy glow and without being conscious of removing any part of my clothing I was suddenly as one with her naked, melting into her and she into me. In my semi conscious state I felt that the whole of me had united with her. As she had read my mind so I now I read hers, her story, her needs and her fears. And in this united being I experienced her long life, from childhood to womanhood and beyond. I too now feared Hera’s brutal retribution for being a victim of Zeus’s lust. I too battled waves like Leander as I swam the Hellespont but I was not I swimming to Hero but to Io who skilled Naiad that she was, scooped me up and saved me with her love from the stormy seas.
I don’t know I long I had been asleep but when I was woken by the telephone ringing insistently I glanced over to see Io also lying by my side. We were both still naked. The phone had stopped ringing but the answering machine would pick up any messages. Io was relaxed with her eyes closed, asleep as I had been, I expect. She was so beautiful. Carefully I leaned over and kissed her tummy and then added a few more kisses as I made my way up her body over her breasts, her neck, then her chin and finally with a most gentle kiss on her lips.
“I am not asleep, so don’t stop.”
“Stop? I was only just beginning. So you have put me in your life story then? I think we have got some planning to do. But first let’s sort out my luggage and get the washing machine on. I need a cup of tea too.”
As I hopped out of bed I could feel her eyes on me. My case had disappeared. As I looked out the Laundry window I could see washing already on the line. I sighed a deep sigh, went back to the bedroom only to see a cup of tea waiting for me.
“I know you are old enough to be my mother,” I said to her as she lay there on the bed, “but please stop mothering me.” She cocked her head to one side then patted the bed with her hand.


  1. Great story. Reminded me of my trip to Adelaide back during the Late Unpleasantness known as WWII. I imagine the place must have changed quite a bit by now.

  2. Beautiful love story with just the right amount of detail.

  3. a wonderful beginning of a love story.I love all the details you put in.

  4. Nice story with the three words.

  5. Old Egg,
    Situational changes have kept me in a haze, a fog. But I did go back and start fresh and you've put together a wonderful tale here.
    Wonderful detail throughout, and your take on travel and love keep me - a cynical journalist - hopeful.

  6. Fun stuff. I love the little quirk of Io taking care of the tea and laundry.

  7. Think I could borrow her long enough to get the dishes done and the carpets vacuumed? Oh, well, never mind.

    Sweet, tender scene, and I love the way your dropped in "sullen."

  8. All I can say is - this can't be written by the same guy I used to play cricket with. It is a wonderful fantasy tale that draws one along, and in, and sets up feelings of viridian envy.

  9. Your tale has my attention. I keep checking to see what has happened since last I checked your site. Great fantasy.

  10. Yes, this story flowed like the flight of a satin sheet..Jae