Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Io the traveller (No 3)

The continuing adventure of me and a Greek goddess

We flew into Kuala Lumpur airport, which as you may know is quite a few miles from the city. Airports are airports and I had no desire to traipse around all those shops yet again so I told Io I was going up to the Business Class lounge and did she want to meet me there later?

“How far are you going?” I asked meaning the flight as we hadn’t discussed our destinations. She didn’t answer but asked me in turn where I was going.

“Adelaide” I replied.

She beamed. “So am I.”

I didn’t believe her. “Show me you ticket then.”

She pouted, “Don’t be cross. I haven’t got a ticket.”

“Nor a passport either, I expect. You just make them think you have, don’t you?” I sighed deeply. “How do you do it? Who do you think you are, Cleopatra or someone just lauding it over everyone?”

She raised her eyebrows, “Well a little better than her. Haven’t you heard of Isis?”

“Oh no, I thought that was some story the Egyptians made up to account for you swimming in the sea from the Bosphorus through the Mediterranean to the Nile all to escape Hera tormenting you with gadflies.” At this point I held her arm and examined it for insect bites.”

“Well I am a good swimmer. And the gadflies? I found this really good spray I think it is made in Australia, called Stingose.”

“You know couldn’t get Stingose back then. Why do you make my brain ache Io?”

She suddenly looked worried, came up to me and put her hand on my forehead.

”Is that better?”

“Of course it is better. You have bewitched me haven’t you? I can just see my kids meeting me off the plane in Adelaide with a teenage girl alongside holding my hand. Why did you pick on me Io?”

“You’re the only one that understands.” With that she gave me a hug so we skipped the shops and headed for the lounge together.

We settled into some easy chairs and I said I was going to have a shower.

“We could bathe together” she suggested.

I shook my head. “That is naughty and forbidden. This is Muslim country. The facilities are strictly segregated. If you want a shower I will look after the carry-ons and have my shower later.”

She nodded and flounced off to the back of the lounge where had I directed her. For the last 15 hours or so I had been in her company and just those few minutes apart were now an agony. What had she done to me? I looked out of the window onto the airport tarmac the sun was at its zenith and I could imagine how hot and steamy it was out there as we were just above the equator. After the exhilaration of being with her I now felt dead tired.

She came back all fresh and dewy. Mind you she was like that when she left. Being a minor goddess clearly has an advantage over us mortals. After my shower we sat and talked about what would happen when we got to Adelaide while I tried to determine the real purpose of her trip.

She assumed I would provide a bed for her. Luckily I had a spare room and the neighbours weren’t nosy. It would be slightly different though with my three grown up children all with families of their own. What tactic could I use with them?

“I should have told them you were coming” I said to Io a few hours later as we stood waiting to board the last leg flight to Adelaide.

“Can’t you send them a message?”

I am glad she didn’t suggest sending Hermes. So I texted the same message to them all, Met my cousin’s daughter at KL, said she could stay with me in Oz for a while, Dad x.

As you can see I am not an expert at texting but it seemed OK. As I showed my boarding pass and Io did whatever she did while I disowned her for a minute, I quickly turned my mobile off, before any questions started to hit the ether from Australia.

Once we had settled in again on this new flight, I tried to think practicalities. Should Io’s name be changed? What was her real purpose in fleeing Greece? Is she just a tourist and does she need a temporary entry permit? I was worrying unduly of course; she was the one with the problem of getting through customs. My worry was how I could resist ripping all her clothes off and making her mine the moment we stepped inside my front door.

At that moment Io caught up with me gave me a wink and said “I’ve changed my name”

I raised my eyebrows.

“It’s Violet S. Inarchus. I am Greek and on a holiday to see friends and relatives in Melbourne. That’s near you isn’t it?”

“Well that is better than saying you have an Arcadian passport,” I grinned. “I love the idea of little Io hiding in a bunch of sweet scented violets. Oh and by the way Melbourne is about 500 miles from Adelaide.”

“Well perhaps I won’t meet up with them after all.”

“So how do I explain to my family that you have a Greek name.”

“Well I am married aren’t I?”

“I have the measure of you Io. Inarchus is not your father’s name, his was Inachus. Inarchus was one of the first kings of Greece thousands of years ago. What you have done is put a little r for Robin in your father’s name. I am flattered.”

“Oh that was just a little test” she said, “You came through with flying colours.” As she said that she let her forefinger just tap me gently on the nose.

I sat in my seat and wondered how soon the drinks trolley would come round I really needed one.


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