Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Io speaks the truth…I think (No. 7)

The continuing adventures of me and the Greek goddess Io who I met on a trip back to Australia. She has come for a purpose which is very difficult to determine.

Io my current companion in Australia was to all intents and purposes a Greek goddess who somehow had managed a flight from Athens to Australia without a ticket or passport. She had invaded and upset my ordered and normal (and dull life and was now trying to convince me she was on a special mission to try get the current population of the world to take the Greek gods seriously. I think that was the gist of her argument.

Willingly (although she was sexily persuasive) I let her take control of me in that we made love, but in her cunning way she arranged it so I could never remember the details afterwards only that I was desperate to have her again. Anyhow she told me that Zeus had caught wind or more likely was informed by the god of the winds Aeolus of a new belief in a god that was neither male nor female; that was the beginning and the end and had the ability to influence of the way people would be, think, exist and interact with each other and with the world.

I had already put two and two together and was just about to say that Zeus was just a little late to catch on. Was he so totally inebriated that he missed a special event 2000 years or more years ago, especially with Bethlehem and Jerusalem on his doorstep and Paul traipsing all over their territory? But then Io interrupted my thoughts and said that the god’s name was Io the same as hers!

Dumbfounded I was jolted into speechlessness while Io slowly explained what Zeus had found out from Aeolus. Aeolus tended to roam the whole planet without much restriction, blowing in and blowing out as it were. He tended to report anything of his travels when he felt like it, to Zeus and the others but nobody could hold him down. You can catch a chill but not the draft that made it, as it were.

Luckily, on one of the gods binge ups of which there were many in their current slack period since the fall of the Roman empire, Aeolus got so drunk that he spilt the beans about this god that he had heard about that was both positive and negative; was both passive and active as well as being eternal without forebears but was himself the precursor.

“Now you can see why I was summoned can’t you.” She said.

I nodded doubtfully. “But it can’t be you or what you can become as you have got a mother and father.”

Io nodded, “This Io is entirely different. Zeus reckons that if he can get him on side, the old belief in the pantheon of gods can be reborn. Unfortunately they also reckon because I have the same name I might be able to be the best go-between.”

”Just where do I come in?”

“Oh that is simple. You have got to help me find him…or her.”

“Why pick on the person that has the least chance of helping.”

“That’s simple. I was sent down to the temple of Hera with an oracle to check out all the visitors.”

“That must have been a long job. How long were you there?”

Io thought a bit then said “One hundred and fifty nine years.”

“You waited for me for one hundred and fifty nine years, even though I wasn’t even born back then?”

Io nodded, “It was quite fun really. Most days were pretty slack so I would get the Oracle to come up with something about one of the visitors and I would implant an expectation of a future event in the person’s mind. We thought it was good game. Most visitors went away from the old temples strangely uplifted and inspired.”

“That sounds like propaganda but isn’t that against the rules?”

“What rules?” Io responded in amazement. I had forgotten that I was speaking to a goddess; of course there were no rules.

“So it was a bit of a disappointment for me to put an end to all that was it?”

“Oh no, I had strict instructions to make you happy.” She then took my hand and stroked it “I have, haven’t I? Because you have made me happy.” she said. “You aren’t quite my equal but you are pretty good…even though you are a mortal.”

“How do you expect me of all people to help you find this god that I have only just learned of from you?”

“Have you got an atlas?” she asked.

“I thought you had him, holding everything up.”

She laughed out loud grinning at me “That’s just what I love about you.” I found the atlas and opened it up. She immediately pointed to the Pacific Ocean. “Aeolus said something about a large body of water and a sprinkling of islands at the other end of the earth from Greece.”

With her hair streaming out over the pages and the beautiful scent of her body now invading my nostrils, all my reservations about this ridiculous quest faded from my mind and I was overtaken by a surge of desire for her body. This was precisely what she intended of course. The sparse clothing on her body slipped from her as she continued to study the map, revealing a glimpse of her thigh and a peek of her breast.

“I am tired now Io, it must be jet lag. Let’s discuss this in the morning. You can sleep in the single bedroom if you want.”

As you can see I really did try to act detached and sensible.

“No, that won’t work,” she said. I have strict instructions to protect and look after you.”

Remembering her being drunk and incapable that afternoon, I could see we were in for a roller coaster ride.


  1. so now she wants you to find a god interesting,this is such an imaginative interesting story I'm truly enjoying this/

  2. She's certainly taking him on a merry chase.

  3. Psychedelic springs to me..maybe it's the mix of gods and goddesses and bodies..although myths are all about bodies and liquor..time immortal..the basics of life immortal..Jae

  4. This certainly reads like there are some seriously ..erm... merry adventures in the offing :o)

  5. She's the one doing the protecting? Actually, I can kind of see that working. She may look flighty, but she gets the job done.

  6. Aren't the Greeks renowned for long debates, your adventures will be long also I think :-)