Sunday, 27 March 2011

Nearly there

Oh death damn your scythe,
I can’t keep jumping up and down,
putting off that fateful day when you will catch me unawares.
To wind up my days on earth and dream no more of all those aspirations nearly fulfilled,
what a joke!
Why must we aspire to be more than just ourselves;
to love and laugh without a care,
but seek to be that hero or even knave that gets some notoriety?
Can I cross that bourne from which no traveller returns
without regrets for that which I did not do?
Surely as I pay that ferryman I can be satisfied
that what I made of my life was sufficient without yearning for yet more?
Yet that is not in our nature, is it?
I want to live again, laugh again and not keep crying in my soup. As I write these words I want not praise or acclamation
but just to watch one more sunrise,
wonder at a cloudless sky, ponder over a starlit night,
talk back to the birds as they chatter to me
and look at, talk to and touch with loving hands
all those who have meant so much to me.


  1. Intensely beautiful and so very well written! How well i can relate to the sentiments expressed.

  2. To aspirations and the humbling effects of the brevity of life!

  3. Amen, I say, and to such beauty as we behold, "Stay" I want you! Such an expressive essay, you've written, Old Egg.

  4. Absolutely wonderful Old Egg. I enjoy your work so much.

  5. I re-read your post a number of times, each time through, a different line/phrase grabbed at me. I especially love the line: "Why must we aspire to be more than just ourselves" ~ indeed. Bravo. ~Paula

  6. That was just beautiful and so emotionally intense. Thanks!
    Mad Kane

  7. I agree "emotionally intense". Took the words right out of my heart! Poetic piece! Very beautiful. You always have something profound to express! Love coming here!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. Wonderfully written Old Egg...all those beautiful things that we can appreciate every day....

  9. So, so beautiful. A wonderful piece of writing. :-)

  10. There is a change in feeling in this piece of biting as crying into your soup..and yet at the end there is a thankfulness..once again showing your complete humility as a writer..Jae

  11. Enjoy those precious, delicious moments!
    My Blog

  12. Beautifully done. And you are right, for we know our short comings, our faults and we wish we could be better. To pause and acknowledge the perfect moments in life! You have said it well.

  13. Nicely done Rob. Pondering on things at our age can be rewarding if you are a romantic, or damaging if you are depressive. Thank God neither of us is the latter.