Saturday, October 25, 2014

To win your love

Can I conquer you?
What design to win your love
Have you a weakness?

How aloof you are
Such weapon to tend beauty
and crush my spirit

A prickly question
What irk, that thorn in my side
Just where is your smile?

I’ll give you roses
Surely I will scent success
When they touch your heart

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A stranger even to herself

                                    Bag Lady by William Cook Hagwood

She’s one of the first to leave                     
Staring up at the bright sky             
As though there might be some sign         
Perhaps guidance from above                   
Or if the weather would hold                        

She had such a fertile mind                        
She had survived against all odds             
Always searching in the streets                  
Begging when they weren’t looking           
And defensive when they were                   

She had a family once                                 
They would not recognize her now             
Other drifters hated her                               
She hated them back “So there!”               
Those needy little bastards                         

She had known another life             
With husband and children too                   
All gone, gone, gone, good riddance
She was better on her own 
A stranger even to herself 

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Monday, October 20, 2014


A long time ago
There were no computer games
But we were not sad

I was so young then
We were short in everything
And it was wartime

But we still had fun
Outside we ran and played free
Indoors, different

So chilly winters
A pack of cards was all
Solo or with friends

Solitaire for one
For two there was Snap
Then Go Fish for more

Soon there was Rummy
When the Old Maid had been found
I loved Clock Patience

With Dad we learned Whist
Then we progressed to Oh Hell
Except at parties

For many people
Called for improvisation
So then Chase the Ace

Playing cards teach us
Winning and losing is fun
Adding social skills

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Woodland Sprite

I met an angel                                                          
May I talk to you of her?                                  
But keep it secret                                                    

Her voice like a song                                              
With hands soft and beautiful                              
I said “speak to me”                                                 

She laughed like a stream                                    
The sound of rippling water                                  
As she smiled at me                                               

“I want to touch you”                                               
Her eyes sparkled like the stars                           
She denied me not                                                 

I tugged at her hand                                                           
She lived in the dark forest                                               
“Come back home with me”                                  

She just shook her head                                       
“I am daughter of the woods                            
He would not approve”                                          

As her hands touched mine                                      
She said "And just who are you                     
Will you come again?"                                            

I said that I would
Day’s later I returned there
But could not find her

I searched all over
Yet I found the woodman’s hut
Abandoned for years

I often go back
Hoping that my woodland sprite
Will appear again

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Aunt Bess

I remember my childhood
Oh so many long years ago
Aunt Bess was a stranger to us
Yes, the one with the crazy laugh
A martyr to her memories
And a prisoner of her dreams
Whose secrets were in shadows
In the bright sunshine of our lives
She wore a diamond necklet
But no wedding ring shone for her
She lost her man in the great war
And her mind went shortly after
Just what seer could have forecast
War's cold steel that took him away
Would steal her mind as well

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An Unwelcome Guest

I was awoken
By a blood curdling scream
On one winter’s night

I sat up in bed
Was my wife having a dream?
I gently touched her

“Ssh” she spoke at last
“There’s somebody in the house
Didn’t you hear them?”

“I will go and check”
I tell her quite undaunted
She still clung to me

She felt so loving
I really should have stayed there
But got up instead

There in the kitchen
A found a happy possum
Eating leftovers

I had a problem
Just how could I get rid of
This unwelcome guest? 

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The lake in the trees


I went back again
To that special place of yours
That comforted you

To the secret lake
Through the whispering pines trees
Your childhood spent there

When we were first wed
You gently took my hand
To tell who you were

There you swam alone
So long before you knew me
Before we were one

Sometimes I go back
Because there I feel you again
Now that you have gone

The lake and pines wave
For they mourn your passing too
I am not alone

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