Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The road less traveled

Many years ago after a long road trip across Australia we thought we'd take a scenic route back through the Snowy mountains on our way home.

Winters are not that severe in Australia and the worst we had encountered were a few showers of rain visiting friends in the capital Canberra. When we left we made our way out through the hills through winding roads and forests by scenic lakes until we saw the sign "Snowy Mountains Highway"  which would take us quickly through to the Victorian state border.

We drove speedily on the highway for a few miles until we approached a sign blocking our path "Vehicles must have chains beyond this point"  the sky was overcast and snow was falling lightly but clearly it was heavier ahead. 

We had to turn around to find an alternative route and luckily there was one going miles out of our way on a narrow winding valley road with eucalyptus trees bent right overhead dripping with recent rain 

As we drove slowly along in drizzling weather wild animals shuffled about in the undergrowth and as we went deeper in the valley and rounded yet another hairpin a Lyrebird which we had never seen in the wild before appeared walking purposefully at the side of the road and weren't we glad we had taken the road less traveled.

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How lucky I am

I was overrun 
Taken into slavery
Ba greater force

How cunning you were
All sweet smiles and enchantment
Crept under my guard

How blind I have been
Resistance winnowed away
I'm abashed with shame

I fell for your charms
Beguiled by sweetest kisses
Now shackled in love

You conquered my heart
I have come to adore you
How lucky I am

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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Let's hope you find love

Who could wish for more
What better life can there be
Serene in the womb

So harsh the world's light
Cry cry now little infant
Your dreams are all gone

Mama will sing songs
As the sun smites you so bright
Grow old in its light

This silly old world
Cruel and scornful you'll find
Is senseless you'll see

It's fun while it lasts
Absolutely all for you
Let's hope you find love

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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Our paths crossed that day


I took a wrong turn soon after I entered the forest. I could almost hear the birds twitter with laughter and an owl hooted with glee. The branches brushed against me as I struggled to find the signpost that I had left only minutes before. I tried to retrace my footsteps counting the minutes I had been there but all I found was a gurgling stream and you sitting there barefoot splashing in the water. You turned around with no surprise and sized me up and down then patted the ground by your side inviting me to do the same. What were you, a woodland sprite or a rambler just like me? Either way I was hypnotized and not counting the consequences of my actions I sat by your side. What a blessed day to find someone so beautiful whose laugh was like a tinkling stream, whose sweet voice beguiled me just like the breeze whispering in the trees and whose touch as soft as down, freeing me of all doubts that I should be part of her. Nor did I question that plate of sweet treats she shared saying "You'll never be free of me now my love".

                                              Our paths crossed that day
                                        You've made me so tall and strong
                                                    Just like a pine tree                                                                                                                                                   
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By hell or high water

                                    Perseus saving Andromeda from hell

With the prompt word "hell" and knowing that "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" I am making sure I write a piece for this weeks Scribblings.

I’ll write something
So by hell or high water                             
I can, I oughta

Come ring a bell
You’ve a snowball’s chance in hell
Pig’s chance, you’ll say

All hell will break loose
I’ll get the hell out of here
I am well aware

A cold day in hell
Now have I written enough
Bat out of hell ….poof!

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Friday, August 26, 2016

Time travel

She is beautiful, her age is 29 and she has just lost her husband and now has their daughter (my paternal grandmother) to care for by herself. Looking at the picture I see that I have her nose and maybe her eyes and lips too (when I was younger). She died before I was born yet here (and at such a young age) she is faced with a bleak future for there is no widows pension, no family to support her or her 10 year old daughter. Her husband Frederick was an insurance agent when few people could afford to think of a future without a partner. I hope he did so but she still needed security so later married a man who managed a public house (or tavern) for a local brewery. Her daughter Maud married and their first child was my father and as a child he used to visit them then finally lived with his grandmother and his new step-grandfather and they helped to bring him up in the 1920's. I wish I had met her for I would loved to thank her for being part of me.

                                                        I see me in her
                                                 In overcoming sadness
                                                        Never giving up

Note that in her hand there is the traditional mourning card and that her clothes are typical of funeral wear of the period which she would have worn for some time.

Image of Sarah Ann Harvey (nee Hipwell) 1893

Thursday, August 25, 2016

The cat at the window

The cat sat at the window sill looking out at the watching the birds at feeder eyes darting from one to the other.

“Do you want to go out?” she asked the cat who glared back in disgust that such a stupid question should be asked, then stared out the window again.

She went to the kitchen to give her some food and the cat turned her head and glaring at he watched her go.

“Kitty, kitty, come on its ready now” and the cat ran out to her but instead of eating her food stood yowling by the back door.

“Oh you want to go out first do you Kitty? she said opening the door as the cat dashed off in the garden scattering the birds at the feeder who then looked down squawking a warning from the trees.

She then began to tidy the house and found that her sewing basket had been tipped over and all the bits and bobs had been scattered over the floor, “Now who could have done that” she asked.

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