Saturday, November 1, 2014

The girl with the secret eyes

I remember you
The girl with the secret eyes
and the winsome smile

We never walked out
nor did we kiss in moonlight
but I so loved you

I knew where you lived
and often walked down your street
hoping to see you

I thought of you there
with the birdbaths and windchimes
waiting on the porch

You were never there
I wanted to kiss your lips
and touch your fingers

Just where are you now?
Do say you remember me
I still dream of you

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pale moon rising

The pale moon rising
I’ll see you again tonight
Our forbidden love

Is the moon our friend
Or a duplicitous sneak
But what do I care?

I'll touch your soft skin
Feel the warmth of your body
So I worry not

But I sense trouble
For a mist clouds your sad eyes
You say not a word

That speaks millions
For this will be the last time
It will be dark soon

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

My life is an open book

What frivolous days
No inklings of times to come
Being thirteen was good

Then when I met you
Love beat an audible drum
In both of our hearts

Sun, blue sky and you
We ran through the poppy field
Speedy young adults

Our bodies entwined
Like strange gnarled roots of a tree
In time everlasting

Just who would write this
Wind blown, storm tossed, best seller
Are all lives like this?

Literary masterpiece
With sad epilogue

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Yearning for home

                                             Nightingale singing

Your love is a nightingale's song                                
That sad caress of hearts desire                           
This touches me wherever I am                              
Whatever I do I will not tire   
As I travel so far from home                        
I picture you in all my dreams                                  
As lonely paths I walk at night                                 
My way is lit by your moonbeams               

This yearning will be sure to end                            
In your sweet arms I’ll gladly lay                              
Homeward’s journey soon will make                     
And with our children gladly play    

You’ve warmed me with your fire of love               
I kiss your lips with passions drive
What kind fortune picked me for you
This is all that keeps me alive

Beautiful nightingale sing on
You echo words my love does say
I sadly sleep this night alone
At dawn I’ll take the homeward way

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To win your love

Can I conquer you?
What design to win your love
Have you a weakness?

How aloof you are
Such weapon to tend beauty
and crush my spirit

A prickly question
What irk, that thorn in my side
Just where is your smile?

I’ll give you roses
Surely I will scent success
When they touch your heart

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A stranger even to herself

                                    Bag Lady by William Cook Hagwood

She’s one of the first to leave                     
Staring up at the bright sky             
As though there might be some sign         
Perhaps guidance from above                   
Or if the weather would hold                        

She had such a fertile mind                        
She had survived against all odds             
Always searching in the streets                  
Begging when they weren’t looking           
And defensive when they were                   

She had a family once                                 
They would not recognize her now             
Other drifters hated her                               
She hated them back “So there!”               
Those needy little bastards                         

She had known another life             
With husband and children too                   
All gone, gone, gone, good riddance
She was better on her own 
A stranger even to herself 

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Monday, October 20, 2014


A long time ago
There were no computer games
But we were not sad

I was so young then
We were short in everything
And it was wartime

But we still had fun
Outside we ran and played free
Indoors, different

So chilly winters
A pack of cards was all
Solo or with friends

Solitaire for one
For two there was Snap
Then Go Fish for more

Soon there was Rummy
When the Old Maid had been found
I loved Clock Patience

With Dad we learned Whist
Then we progressed to Oh Hell
Except at parties

For many people
Called for improvisation
So then Chase the Ace

Playing cards teach us
Winning and losing is fun
Adding social skills

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