Friday, May 27, 2016

To be a child again

Oh to be a child again
And run dancing in the rain
Laughing screaming in the wet
How we adults do forget

And those days of summers bliss
Of stealing that first sweet kiss
Was it Pam or was it Sue
I changed that day and so did you

Now you looked with such strange eyes
Spoke in whispers and with sighs
Yes we played much as before
That little girl from right next door

You grew away which made me sad
Though I was a little lad
I could see not all was fine
For you wished your first kiss was mine

Now you're married so am I
Secretly for you I cry
Seasons come and they go
I dream of you I really do

Oh to be a child again
And run dancing in the rain
Laughing screaming in the wet
No of those times I'll not forget

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Draw the curtains

"Draw the curtains would you?" she asked in a soft seductive voice.

The evening was drawing in so he complied without a murmur unaware of what she had in mind.

That's not true of course he was hoping she would be amorous tonight as he knew she had been away these last few weeks on some family matter interstate.

She rarely came to his place so when he felt her soft hands on his shoulders from behind him he murmured happily "Ah this is the life isn't it?"

"No, this is the death, you cheat, don't you think my friends haven't been keeping me informed of your little escapade while I was away?"

The impact of the knife thrust in the back of his neck was instantaneous and she was glad she had earlier left him a text message on his phone saying "Sorry am running late will see you tomorrow".

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A wonder to behold

What a change had occurred
this former wallflower
had bloomed like an orchid
shy withdrawn with no flair
had changed overnight to
be happy-go-lucky
joyous and outgoing
a wonder to behold

Once she was ignorant
now she was colorful
her eyes sparkled with joy
while others looked envious
no wonder they all stared
it was the diamond ring
on her finger of course
she shone with happiness

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Life's no picnic

Life is no picnic
So wise men have said to me
There's no sense in that

As I remember
Picnic's meal "al fresco"
Best eaten at home

Ants and wasps love them
As storm clouds gather to play
Nature takes up arms

Children are screaming
Our chosen spot is crowded
Not now idyllic

Strange dog adopts us
Our food is better that theirs
But then cocks his leg

My drink's knocked over
People think I wet myself
There's no place to hide

Rain now patters down
We rush to evacuate
In mass migration

Get back to my place
Please do count me out next time
Says me from my chair

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Saturday, May 21, 2016

My Apprentice

I have that itch again
Life has now lost its gloss
And nights are drawing in

Bells ringing in the night
Summon me to dark deeds
For vampire is my trade

My mission simply is
A willing victim find
Pretty girl would be best

I'll not gloss over it
The payback is not bad
She'll see the sense of that

Six bites over winter
She'll be right on track
To be then one of us

Come Spring my apprentice
We will stand side by side
May even be my bride

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Grubby faced

You were my first friend
Grubby faced cute little girl
In a gritty grey little house
Same as ours next door
Smelled of boiled cabbage 
Because we were all so poor

It wasn't a broken home
Just that one that was dirty
We were all like that then
Filthy kids in squalid homes
Empty faces and empty lives
Same families everywhere

In the twilight of my youth
We moved out of that street
Went across town to Parkside
Took the streetcar far away
From my fetid birthplace
Ma vowing never to return

Now that I am all grown up
I have that itch to return
I so want to see you again
My grubby faced little friend
'Cos I really loved you
And I do miss you so much

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Fun and Froth

Her name is Nichole
Barista at the cafĂ© I go
Her eyes dance with fun

"Cappuccino please"
For I like frothy coffee
And a cake of course

I sit myself down
And grab a paper to read
There's few in today

She brings it herself
There's a twinkle in her eye
Now I can see why