Monday, July 21, 2014

Starlight Fairies

I heard some laughing
The tinkling of little bells
sounding in my ear

It was insistent
They would not leave me alone
those forest fairies

Chattering away
they had come into my home
in the dead of night

Banging on the pots
hiding behind the curtains
waking me in fright

“Bluebell is that you?”
But all could hear was chuckling
they were teasing me

Stumbling on my feet
I chased them from my bedroom
then I heard thunder

A mighty wind blew
the Fairy Queen burst on the scene
whilst sprinkling stardust

“Bluebell, you were told”
She uttered shaking the house
“To keep this man safe”

Bluebell and her friends
hung their heads while feigning shame
knowing that I laughed

“Do forgive them please
What human would not be pleased?
to have them at home”

With a wink, she smiled
“They must be punished for this
and must clean the house”

I looked at Bluebell
She shrugged her shoulders and
flapped her tiny wings

When the Queen was gone
Bluebell came up and whispered
“Oh, this won’t take long”

She took out her wand
Spun it round over her head
The house tidy at once

“Good now that is done
Can we play in the garden?”
She smiled happily

Fairies are great fun
They’re good at gardening too
Wouldn't you want one?

Postcard "Starlight" by Margaret Tarrant in authors collection

Saturday, July 19, 2014

So paradise was lost

It was a magic place
Where words were few
And creatures ran free
Where plants thrived
And natures passions
Bloomed in the forest
Without the hang of fear
Here love swarmed free
And sweet nectar kisses
Touched without guile
Joyous jumping young
The sweet hum of bees
All existed in this place
While love ruled long
But man came storming in
So paradise was lost

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I look into her eyes

I came close to her
To touch those pretty fingers
And breathe in her sighs

I wish I was wise
Ignore the scent that lingers
Not to tell her lies

But I am spellbound
For she works her magic on me
Strange! She loves me too

I look into her eyes
We smile and laugh together
Until the winter comes

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

In Night's Kiss

Stars they talk to me
I am a creature of the night
Darkness is my friend

The moon watches on
For we are both nocturnal
She approves of me

Shadows dance around
Some find them fraught with danger
Grimly seek the light

No one sees me here
The shades of my past are safe
Bathing in night's kiss

I hear the whispers
Some think me honorable
Others fear my tread

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Greet me once more

The light of my life is gone
A lacklustre world eclipsed
By that cold shadow of loss
I manufacture anew
A strange unknown loneliness 
Oh! what hard hike up those stairs
To a cold empty bedroom
In which once there was laughter
Your side of the bed now bare
A company of silence
Shot through like an express train
From a dark empty platform
Where is your pretty smile
And warmth of companionship?
My throat is dry choked with grief
And eyes are wet with sorrow
When will I see you again?
A thousand years would be fine
Knowing you cheeky laughter
Would greet me once more
To honor my side, my love

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Friday, July 11, 2014

The Bluebell Fairy and me

It was almost dark
I stumbled through the forest
Searching for the path

There in a clearing
A small figure was standing still
So she turned to me

She could not escape
Legs akimbo, hand on hips
Strong and beautiful

She whispered to me
Very bold for a fairy
“I know you, don’t I?”

“I’ve been here before”
I said. An owl hooted so
his call confirmed it

“Want to come with me?”
I nodded so she jumped up
onto my shoulder

“I’ll show you the way”
Took me to the old oak tree
Tight hold on my ear

There in the clearing
All the fairies had gathered
in preparation

“The queen is coming”
I nodded, smiled, then asked her
“What is your name?”

“My name is Bluebell”
As she flew from my shoulder
and said quietly

“You may sit just there”
Pointing to an old tree stump
“Guests must be quiet”

The dancing began
Soon the fairy queen arrived
And then looked my way

So I bowed my head
And celebrations resumed
It was the solstice

Bluebell often came
She whispered in my big ear
and brought me nectar

Before dawn’s new light 
The queen sent for me to come
“You’re welcome human”

“Help us if you can
Do not cut this forest down
for it is our home”

With that the birds sang
Affirmation to that plea
It was a new day

Image from Margaret Tarrant postcard

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The odd couple

It’s eerie loving you
They couldn’t say we’re alike
Summer and winter

How guarded we are
Like two dogs sniffing at first
Before bite or play

We talk, profess love
Translucent conversation
Like spider and mate

Life is exiting
No, I can’t do without you
But can this love last?

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