Monday, July 28, 2014

Mad Mouse

                                     Mad Mouse, Adelaide Show before demolition

It was Show time
“Daddy, Daddy, take me please”
She was the youngest

Of our three children
The others took their rides alone
So I went with her

While my wife wisely
went to the dog pavilion,
plants then cooking

Oh what fun we had
Hall of mirrors, the ghost train
Candy floss and showbags

Money was invested
in producing happy smiles
Then her plea was, “Dad?

Can we go on this?”
Pointing to the Mad Mouse ride
High above the ground

So her pleading looks
Lead me to the ticket gate
No turning back now

Ushered to the front
Single seats for each other
“I’m behind you Dad”

She squealed with delight
As I had the drivers seat
but without control

And soon off we went
Climbing, climbing, round the bend
Down, down at a speed

That drove my eyeballs
Into the back of my head
My steering useless

On and on it went
Up and down and round about
I was so relieved

When we stopped at last
And rejoined the family
On unsteady legs

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Just an exchange

“Hello” she said
saying my name,
looking at me
then lowering her eyes.
She knew I liked her.
I watched her fingers
as she worked away.
She seemed but little
more than a child
exuding a shy sexuality.
“Coffee?” she asked,
in her adult husky voice
I nodded. “And cake?”
Her next question.
She knew the answer
It was a gentle tease
The barrier between us
was not just the counter.
We were both out of reach
of each other.
She wouldn’t tell
her boyfriend.
I wouldn’t tell my wife.
Just an interchange
that made both our lives
more beautiful.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

What love really is

Oh you
Precious one
How can I save you
From the senseless and cruel?
Their thrill to hunt you down
I would fill your empty heart
Reveal myself to you, a friend
I'll not dabble with your feelings
But walk that hallowed ground
What skill, what art do I need to learn?
My blast of true affection will surely win you
To prove I am not shallow like the others
Those that have stained and betrayed your trust
You have had your whack of all that hurt
I want to be the centre of your life
To help you unfold, to bloom
To have a great purpose
To give you hope and
Know what true love
Really is

Friday, July 25, 2014

I know of a place

I know of a place
More precious than diamonds
Where happiness rules

I lie in your lap
My head blessed with such softness
And warmth of our love

So I kiss your nose
Whisper sweet nothings to you
And feel your heart beat

We're but one person
Touching to make sure we're there
Compatible us

So the angels sing
And love’s sweet elixir calms
My poor troubled mind

We'll meet up again
One day, oh so very soon
But will you know me?

My voice is husky
These hands will not stop shaking
As I stumble on

I am greyer now
I walk with a limp and may
not recall your name

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

She's not perfect

I so love this girl
Liberal with her favors
Cute as a button

Excuse her language
Profanities are common
So lips are best kissed

We get on so well
But she’s a bit quarrelsome
No, she’s not perfect

Monday, July 21, 2014

Starlight Fairies

I heard some laughing
The tinkling of little bells
sounding in my ear

It was insistent
They would not leave me alone
those forest fairies

Chattering away
they had come into my home
in the dead of night

Banging on the pots
hiding behind the curtains
waking me in fright

“Bluebell is that you?”
But all could hear was chuckling
they were teasing me

Stumbling on my feet
I chased them from my bedroom
then I heard thunder

A mighty wind blew
the Fairy Queen burst on the scene
whilst sprinkling stardust

“Bluebell, you were told”
She uttered shaking the house
“To keep this man safe”

Bluebell and her friends
hung their heads while feigning shame
knowing that I laughed

“Do forgive them please
What human would not be pleased?
to have them at home”

With a wink, she smiled
“They must be punished for this
and must clean the house”

I looked at Bluebell
She shrugged her shoulders and
flapped her tiny wings

When the Queen was gone
Bluebell came up and whispered
“Oh, this won’t take long”

She took out her wand
Spun it round over her head
The house tidy at once

“Good now that is done
Can we play in the garden?”
She smiled happily

Fairies are great fun
They’re good at gardening too
Wouldn't you want one?

Postcard "Starlight" by Margaret Tarrant in authors collection

Saturday, July 19, 2014

So paradise was lost

It was a magic place
Where words were few
And creatures ran free
Where plants thrived
And natures passions
Bloomed in the forest
Without the hang of fear
Here love swarmed free
And sweet nectar kisses
Touched without guile
Joyous jumping young
The sweet hum of bees
All existed in this place
While love ruled long
But man came storming in
So paradise was lost

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