Sunday, October 4, 2015

Dreaming of you in autumn

I awake                                                                       
My dreams of you gone                                           
Fragments of the past disappear                           
Who has stolen you away?                                                
Gone from my side                                                   

Still dark night                                                           
Tears fall from my eyes                                            
The clock says three fifteen dimly                                     
Erotic moments have passed                                      
Alone once again                                                    

Have I changed?                                                      
Do you watch me still?                                             
Who was guilty of your theft?                                 
How I dread the morning’s light
Leaves fall sadly                            

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Saturday, October 3, 2015

The clock ticked on

I have left the town of my birth                                         
With her wide fields and copses dark
Running free as a small wild child
For that is what I surely was
Dirty knees, shoes and ragged pants
We’d shout and tease the girls around
A grin upon my dirty face
As I would run from place to place

I’ve traveled far, so far away
Why did I leave those tinkling streams
The lurking foxes and squirrels red
Placid cattle and hooting owls
We climbed the trees and forts did make
Then stooked the hay in harvest time
Late home for tea on each fine day
All us kids sad to end our play

I left because the clock ticked on
The seasons changed and I did too
First I wore those long trousers grey
A combed my hair all by myself
Now I saw each girl with new eyes
And I blushed when they laughed at me
But gladly would go back there again
As growing old is such a pain

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The wind whistled

The wind whistled                                 
Calling on the rain                                                  
To share its game                                                   
While the farmer shook his head                         

His sad face flushed
It was hard enough
Without their threats
And nexus of playfulness

He still pressed on.                                                 
One field left to plough                                          
Then to rest up                                                        
For he had no cause to swear                              

Sun sank westward                                                         
Day’s list now complete
Wends his way back
To kiss his wife tenderly 

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She smiled darkly

Placed on her shoulder
She carried the clay pitcher
Water for the day

Smiling in the sun
She tilled her small garden plot
For family’s food

Rubbing on the oil 
She’d please her husband tonight
As she smiled darkly

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The morning after

I still feel woozy
Yes I remember drinking
Until late last night

A voice in ymy head
Now mentions a thoughtless swine
The wife’s on the phone

Talking to her friend
But I cleaned up the bathroom
Why is she uptight?

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Where her heart was

Granny May had been in hospital for many weeks. Her recovery was slow from her surgery. They thought they had lost her but she slowly pulled through. Jim her son worried how she would manage after she returned home as she insisted she would return to her cottage on the outskirts of town where she had lived for so many years.  Gramps her long dead husband had lived with her until he died and she said he would expect to find her when he came back to her!

So Jim got his own son Paul and Laura his girlfriend to go round and tidy up the place before she returned as she still had a few weeks rehab. They were lucky it was spring for they soon got stuck into it weeding and pruning and planting seedlings so that she could enjoy the garden as she recuperated. Once it was cleared the annuals showed their faces again and the roses now were bursting into bloom. The bees were buzzing around the fruit trees with so much work to do.

They cleaned up her cottage too but not too much or else Granny would not know where they had put things away. However it was tidy again and everything shone just like the sun and the clock was ticking once more.

Jim brought Granny May home and she sighed with satisfaction that she had finally returned. “Let me put on the kettle” she said “but first I must look at my garden there must be lots to do”.

Tears came to her eyes when she found that so much work had been done and that her grandson Paul was sitting on the garden seat waving to her as she looked over the luxuriant blooms and by his side she could see Laura cuddled up close. 

                                         She smiled her eyes beamed
                                       The garden where her heart was
                                               Greeted her in bloom

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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Don't fence me in

My sweet wife nudged me
After all these years
The city called
No, ordered I move
To the office in town
We had to shift
Or lose my job

Sweet wife had visions
Apartment with views
Balcony for tea
And all shining new
Our new luxury pad
Singing praises
Her poem of joy

I’d been a city child
Raised in a brick flat
My youth’s hell
Communal balcony
Entrance for all
Dirty windows
And constant noise

Escape to the country                    
Dancing at village hall                               
Kids riding horses 
My wife now smiles
This was now our plan
Don't fence me in
With city's railings       

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