Saturday, August 1, 2015

Before the storm

Mine is the topmost room
I can observe the world
People's joys and sorrows
Thunderheads anger to come

Neighbor is striding home
Wife prepares garden party
Extravagant nonsense
But I am not invited

Kids play on the sidewalk
Hopscotch now all chalked in 
Little ones laugh and skip
Soon rain will clear that away

Silver haired man now knocks
Sharply on the front door
Time for my therapy
Veins in my head start throbbing

I try to clear my mind
To face today's session
But can't help lagging
Wish I was a kid again

Oh to be what I'm not
A little lamb again
Instead of a fierce wolf
Before the storm blows right in

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Like a dying river

My strength is now sapped

Like a dying river
All shallows with no depth
A struggling fish reeled in
Then dying of grief

All my old bones ache
I collapse from within
A mask is torn from me
My true self revealed

What a hopeless wreck
Once radiant sun now dim
Shining no more for me
A lion with no teeth

Off the beaten track
Longing for that dim past
To emerge once again
But that's not to be

For you have long gone

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I was entranced

The seeds of desire
Were sown by her first shy glance
Thus I was entranced

Spring season of hope
The buds turning to blossom
The warmth of my heart

I touched her sweet hands
They were like opening petals
And warm as desire

I breathed in her scent
Bewitched like a lured insect
To a happy fate

Nestled in her love
Content in my entrapment
On her bosom laid

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

One false step

Our gang was down by the river again with our shoes off of course, wading in the stream.

We had to be careful because the stones in the water were hard on on our feet so there was a lot of Oohs and Aahs as we walked along.

Each of us had nets, cans or just hands to to catch fish if we could find them while little Johnny Miller just had a stick to poke at things and just be a nuisance.

I had caught a tiddler and Jenny had found a fresh water crayfish and screamed so much that it made us all laugh.

All of a sudden there was a shout and splash from behind as Johnny Miller cried out.

He had taken one false step and fallen in the water which was the best thing to happen that day.

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I have to be me

Silent she looked down
Checking her red fingernails
At his proposal

He was not handsome
Nor did he have a good job
He was just eager

Her nails were no help
He smiled hopefully at her
Waiting for acceptance

Was this her escape
From her cruel family home
For better or worse

At her suggestion
She should meet his mum and dad
He shook his head hard

This was no marriage
That was made in the heavens 
Just jailbirds fleeing

She made up her mind
Said let me think about it
Then left home next day

Better to be free
She mused on the long coach trip
I have to be me

A waste of time

Your eyes reflected sadness
As you packed your bags
Packing and unpacking
Travelling used to fun
Exploring was not boring
But now I am snoring
Or perhaps I've died
I wanted to hold you close
You shook your head
Journeys are tedious now
Feeling tired sitting down
When we do arrive
All we want to do
Is come back home
A waste of time
A waste of energy
A waste of you
A waste of me
As I loved you

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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Just another night

Walking the highway
Counting the milestones
To flag down the cars
But none stop for me
And neither would I
Coat-less vagabond
All drivers thinking
Not to be trusted
Hobo reaching out
And his tricky games
Touch us for a buck
That's what they'd  say
So another night
Under the bright stars
Which envelop me
With all their stories
No meal inside me
Just humble pie slices
From God's vast kitchen
I'll find a warm barn
Or sheltering tree
Not be a trouble
To any other soul
Until tomorrow

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