Saturday, April 19, 2014

Saying Goodbye

I whispered to her
Not one word did she reply
She slept on untroubled

I lay my head down
And felt the warmth of her skin
On my fingertips

How many goodbyes
How many kisses goodnight
Before the bell rings?

And then the call comes
It is hard to say goodbye
When your love has flown

The fire of your life 
Is finally extinguished
Burning everything

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Political Aide

She knows I watch her
Seeks emotional release
Part of my service

I'm playing once again
Her eyes, that impassioned speech
Political of course

Fire in her belly
And elsewhere I am hoping
What a pervert I am

She catches my eye
Animating the whole hall
She is mine for sure

She knows I watch her
Seeks emotional release
Part of my service

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mahuika's Tales No 32 The Kaka and the Kea


The Kea                                                             The Kaka

Once again Mahuika was visiting Black Springs and she had gone to visit Hekeheke in her whare. She heard laughing inside and so sang out to her to tell her that she was there. Hekeheke came out with baby Tamahika in her arms and she was still laughing.

“Come on in Mahuika” she said rubbing noses with her. I was just telling Maui of the story Hinewai told me about the Kaka bird that she heard when she lived an the village in the forest.”

“Is her former husband still there?”

Hekeheke shook her head, “The pakeha have taken over logging the trees there, the forests have been stripped and he now lives with one his former wife's sons. The Kakas do not call there any more. I should like to go back to Rotorua to see if there are any there still.”

“You should”, remarked Mahuika, “Now please tell me the story.”

They sat down outside and Mahuika held little Tamahika in her arms as Hekeheke began her story.

“One day the Kaka was flying away from the forest for change when he saw the Kea who in those days had bright red plumage on his body which was admired by all the other birds. The Kaka wished he has such beautiful feathers and when the Kea was resting, the Kaka sidled up to him and before the Kea could defend himself the Kaka stole his bright red feathers from him leaving him some of his own and quickly flew a way.

The Kea jumped up and tried to chase the Kaka but with some feathers short he couldn’t catch him. So the poor Kea had to manage with the Kaka’s dull feathers that were left but he determined that one day he would get his own back.

The Kaka knew that the Kea would search him out so he carefully placed the bright red feathers on himself under his wings where they would not show unless he was flying. To do this he decided to live in the forest and spend his life hiding there among the trees.

Eventually the Kea came to the forest where the Kaka lived and found him perched high on a branch.

“I want my feathers back, Kaka, you stole them from me.”

The Kaka looked down at the Kea keeping very still, “Foolish bird, you can see I do not have your feathers on me.”

The Kea stared hard at him and reluctantly turned away and flew back home as he could see none of his feathers were on the Kaka. With the Kea gone, the Kaka was able to fly again and show off his red under his wings”.

Baby Tamahika had fallen asleep in Mahuika’s arms. “Thank the gods I have you Hekeheke, you have fulfilled all my hopes and dreams.”

Dum and the wanderers

                   Australian aboriginal cave painting

18. Dum and the wanderers

The numbers living in the cave had risen and there were grumblings in the cave as some of the men wanted to move away. They were not happy staying in one place all the year round. They were the wanderers as Dum called them. They never wanted to stay in one place for long thinking that there was always somewhere better to hunt or fish or steal women than where they were.

The danger of not wandering like many others was that food and water had to be available all the year round. Many of animals and birds came and went with each season and winter was very hard when those that were left were thin and hungry just like them.

Each year a few would drift away, some would return a few weeks later with tales of hunting and the chasing and trapping involved. Dong and Grunt were tempted to go but Yum felt safe with Dum who always seem to come up with ideas of how to find food. He had invented the fish trap and the basket and he had rid the cave of bears. Even the other men in the cave had made stone axes like his rather than just use a spear. The spear was good but when thrown you might have retrieve it from an angry animal who was keen to stay alive. In fact a few of the men now carried two or three spears with them when they hunted.

Dum talked to Yum about moving. Yum thought about it for some time then shook her head. “If we wander like the others it is hard on the mothers with small children, but worse with toddlers like Wah-Wah who are heavy to carry all the time and cannot keep up with the adults. We feed ourselves quite well here and with some leaving, the hunting close by will be easier.”

Dum bent over her and touched her face with his fingers. She looked up at him and smiled “There is one more thing; we have another baby on the way.”

“Good”, Dum said simply as he stroked the hair on her head.

When Dong heard that Yum was staying she looked a little disappointed. She was silent for a bit then said. “Perhaps little Bonk and I will stay with you too. Dum will look after us all, won’t he?”

Yum shook her head laughing “No, not in that way he won’t”.

Dong blushed, laughed too and shook her head, “No of course Grunt will agree to stay as well, he likes Dum. We have never gone hungry with Dum around.”

Sunday, April 13, 2014

The china doll

Briefly an affair
Her skin was like porcelain
My fine china doll

I loved her deep voice
The prayers she chanted sadly
Her wrists as they turned

Me, hooked once again
We would meet in the moonlight
And I swore true love

She loved gaudy things
But her family wanted papers
That I provided

Now left in limbo
Tumbling in oblivion
They’re free, but not me

For I remember
Her skin was like porcelain
My fine china doll

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Love has flown away

A bowl of flowers
Once told him that she was home
Now it was winter

Cold now without her
It rained on his broken heart
She bloomed not for him

No smile of welcome
No kiss or loving embrace
From damp clay’s cold grip

No longer complete
Lost in the arid desert
Love had flown away

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Episode in Fairyland

To set myself a test I decided to write a Fairytale out of the unlikely prompt words 

The little fairy shivered
Hid beneath the mushroom cup
To avoid the gnomes

They came swaggering
Horrible leers on their faces
They were drunk again

She closed her eyes tight
Hoping they would go away
But they sat close by

Grunting listlessly
They fell asleep at long last
And smelling like skunks

She flew quickly home
Threw her friends spring blossoms
They all clapped their hands

Are you better now?
“Yes, I’m not moody any more
Oh, please forgive me” 

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