Wednesday, February 10, 2016

My secret self

Like most kids I loved to draw which as a child in WW2 that consisted of tanks and planes and ships and guns and bombs going off because that was our world back then.

However when that mess was all over so did my drawing change and the natural world dominated my mind with birds and trees and mountains high and lions roaring and crocodiles snapping  and snakes slithering for all to see.

Later I was encouraged by an art teacher to reach for the skies and devout my life to art which is much harder to do when you need food to eat and a roof over your head as so many penniless Impressionist artists found leaving for others to make a fortune out of their work.

I did manage to get a job in an architects office and spent my whole time drawing straight lines indicating houses  and shops and other buildings to be built and gradually worked my way up and journeyed to the end of the earth in Australia to design industrial buildings and railways stations and even a church on the side.

Luckily my secret self continued to draw freely by joining life drawing groups which was a favorite activity after I had retired.

Our eyes are wonderful and to be able to use our hands and fingers to illustrate what we see is one of the oldest and most beautiful attributes mankind has.

Image of sketch by the author

Jilted Lover

Fortune dangles like a thread
You're just out of reach for me
Perhaps it's the look on my face

Stand up straight you can do it
Difficult with my backbone
I'm much like a ribber doll

Much easier to do zilch
I will wend my weary way
In this abject misery

So I will cheapen myself
And lie down like a doormat
So you can walk over me

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Now you have gone

I am but a puppet
There is no life left in me
The wind blows and I sway
I care not that the sea rages
Or rain falls on my face
That I laugh no more
Now you have gone

Where is your sunny smile?
I no longer breathe in your scent
Or walk the woods with you
I hear not your song of love
No music in my heart
Nor that beating drum
Now you have gone

There is no hand to hold
No sweet lips for me to kiss
Nor can I lay my head
Between those softest breasts
Days of love have now passed
For I feel nothing
Now you have gone

Am I not still a man
Just where is that person now
Am I real without you?
You're not here to pull my strings
For you were my life
I am desolate
Now you have gone

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Saturday, February 6, 2016

The fantasy of love

My wife was not an early riser
I could not believe my bleary eyes
For she stood there by the window

Sun was shooing mists of night away
Chop, chop she said let's go for a walk
That thought had never crossed my mind

My unwritten law in this home of ours
Is agree on matters such as this
Servicing the car is left to me

We hiked to the peak above the bay
To see what we could spy this fine day
Far down below at the boating ramp

And there beyond to those distant shores
Where fierce dragons lurked and goblins teased
Such were the silly games we played

Morning's air was somehow fresher here
The drone of insects now abuzz
Bucks and does stood in woodland glades

My wife was radiant as ever seen
Sun warmed up as we retraced our steps
Such a morning could not be matched

For life's a jig-saw that is so true
Each piece important as the others
But finding love beats all the rest

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On Brighton beach

My mind goes far back
Memory of those times past
Fifties in England

Youth in post war years
How the sun shone on us then
Some rain fell as well

Summer holiday
Carrying our suitcases
Tired from the train trip

Finding out new digs
Check for fleas and germs hiding
Long walk to beach

Those girls on the prom
Singing, swinging, swaying skirts
Holiday fever

We chatted them up
Their retorts like sharp scissors
That sure took the cake

I recall just one
Enveloped by cockney lass
Was a great kisser

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Did I ever dream

She sighed dreamily
As I whispered words of love
Nibbling her sweet ear

Spring has such great charm
Saint Valentine loves to find
Sweethearts at this time

Was it her dark eyes
Or sweet turned up nose
For which I first fell

Did I ever dream
She'd put her warm hand in mine
Snuggled up alone

As I breathed her in
She then whispered back at me
I do love you so

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Opal ring

It was her birthday and he'd been busy all week and still he hadn't bought anything and was meeting her after work so it was lunchtime or never.

Joel trawled through the arcades and speciality shops but could still not make up his mind between jewelry, perfume or a watch or anything really that would put a smile on her face and that special look in her eyes.

"May I be of assistance sir?" the elegant shop assistant said as Joel wandered around yet another boutique shop.

Joel looked at her and plunged right in desperately, "It's my girlfriend's birthday and I just can't make up my mind", he said shyly.

Let me walk you round and show you a few things" she sad reassuringly as she proceeded to present him with possibilities after tactfully extracting his budget for the purchase.

Finally after deciding that there was now plenty to choose from, the assistant then said "I do have this opal ring which I would love my boyfriend to give me", Joel looked at the girl then at the ring, nodded and said quietly, "I'll have to charge it" and pulled his credit card from his pocket book.

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