Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Mother tongue

It was fifty years ago
I left my place of birth
To furthest Australia I did go
It was best I thought for
They spoke the mother tongue
Up with which I had been brought
O then what a surprise
Hearing words, I was not wise

Friends were now in truth
“Cobbers” for they were your mates
“Bloody oath” in affirmation
or mild surprise may be “strewth”
When I was very busy
I’d be “flat out like a lizard drinking”
So don’t get in a “tizzie”
If that makes you upset

Its not only babies that drool
Who “spit the dummy” in Oz
But anybody that loses their cool
It is not always patriotic to see
Someone to give the “Aussie salute”
As they are brushing the flies away
You’re more likely to be “full”
When leaving a pub than a café

So it is part of my lingo now
So far from “Pommy land”
Driving along I might “Chuck a U-e”
When I’m going the wrong way
Tell the missus “to tart herself up”
She’ll smile, you’re taking her out
So will say “Ridgy didge” coz
She knows you’re a “Bonza” bloke

Expressions that may not be clear in the poem:

Full - drunk
Chuck a U-e – do a quick U turn or backtrack
Ridgy Didge – Genuine guy
Bonza - Brilliant

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Yes, the sixth line of the first verse is a dig at the rule of avoidance in (correct?) English of ending a sentence with a preposition.

The children were in bed

Rings under her eyes
Docile much like a rabbit
Fear her companion

Children were in bed
Long before he came home drunk
For his evening meal

He might be okay
Not inflict her with abuse
She could never tell

With some money left
He’d slowly eat in silence
He might not hit her

With empty pockets
She would be the one at fault
If she’d dared whimper

Nobody believed
Her excuse for the bruises
Even her children

They tried not to cry
Huddled together in bed
And kept dead quiet

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Imagine all those writers

I love being a writer                        
I can leave my mundane life
And leaping on my keyboard                    
Go seeking adventures abroad

I walk the streets in my mind         
Meeting those I would avoid
Even fighting on pirate ships       
Or kissing that sweet girls lips      

Nothing is out of reach for me                              
Flying high or crawling a cave
Riding the rapids on a log
Having adventures with a dog   

But most of all I like the times
When romance is my theme
I look into a cute girl’s eyes 
Which ends of course in lovers sighs

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Heron

Ours was but a hopeless affair
I had loved you so utterly
This was a foolish thing to do
The storm of our bitter parting
Has left me with no umbrella
Not the tiniest shred of hope
Before I had glowed so brightly
Now I was a deep shade of blue
I thought you were so delicate
Like petals of an uncut rose
Now still yearning, it is clearer                   
Life is a river flowing on                            
You were a heron perched waiting         
Until the right catch came along              
But now it is me on that post
Lesson learned; I'm free as a bird  

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Beauty is in life

Sadness fills my heart
Cut flowers on display
As I tread the busy streets

Artificial Rose
Those dusty plastic flowers
I have seen enough

Give me my freedom
Walk though fields of lavender
and hear nature sing

Just where is your heart
To rip such children from home
The insects know you

The laugh is on you
Oh death just where is your sting?
You reap what you sow

Lilies on the pond
See eucalypts in flower
Bluebells in the wood

Beauty is in life
Not caged in a dusty house
Discarded at will

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Friday, February 20, 2015

As I reminisce

I saw her standing there                
In the shopping centre
An old flame long extinguished   

I hesitated, then waved                  
She nodded in reply                                   
Our love affair was torrid               

She’s now lost in the crowd          
As I reminisce
I recall parting’s cruel pain            

But that was years ago                  
Yes, many tears ago
When sadly she saw the light      

Her long hair was so fair               
She was stronger than me
I even breathe in her scent           

I am an old man now                      
What strange sad dreams I dream 
Men are such foolish weaklings

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The perils of drink

So I let myself in
From a night at the inn
Content I laid my head down
On the mat by the door
The dog came to say hey
Sniffed, growled and slunk away

Then I heard a scream
That could be a dream
But next morn wife now shouted
“One day it would be good
to see you home sober for tea
I knew this would happen to me”

She had a problem to solve
Of how her brain could evolve
To make me fit for the family at three
They came right on time
My daughter Pam and children too
Young Jimmy and toddler Sue

The little one came, sat on my lap
Cuddled up and went for a nap
Which I thought was good idea too
When I woke up all was a blur
She’d woke first, my specs had took
And then pretended to read a book

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