Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fairies in my mind

In my garden now
Where hard toil reaps my reward
There’s competition

In the breezy springtime
Be so careful how you go
Strangers are afoot

You will discover
So many hairy monsters
Have their work to do

Moths and Butterflies
Have laid their eggs in love
Eat my vegetables

Should I begrudge them?
They’re so beautiful when grown
Fairies in my mind

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Hildegard Von Bingham

In those dark ages
In winter’s cruel discontent
Words of beauty spoke

“The highest blessing”
She said “in all creation”
all those years ago

“Lies in the form
of a woman” Yet it took
all one thousand years

To recognise her
Many women still unseen
Could have told you that

Monday, September 15, 2014

The morning after

                                Charlie Chaplin in an early role

It was the night before the morning after
Full of booze and uproarious laughter
My mind was clearly not in gear
I didn't know if I was there or here
She took me places where I shouldn’t go
But of that you really must not know

But I'll say I rue last evening
And spending it on foolish drinking
When I awoke I was not at home
And clearly I was also not alone
Deep in the gutter I lay with friends
One stray dog and some chirpy hens

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Close to the town centre

Close to the town centre
Where many people go
Is a place I used to know

It is a botanic park
Green with calm serenity
Just the place for picnic tea

There's a gaunt drab building near by
Peering through the swaying trees
It’s a hospital one sees

There anxiety rules the roost
And a visit one should not pay
That would surely spoil your day

Sure there’s fruit, jello and kindly words
But also blood and ouch and tests
And strict rules for family guests

Meals are bad and blood they love
Then they’ll waken you in fright
As they pester you at night

Should you care to walk that park
And calmly feed the little birds
Think of me lying in my turds

“I’m busy now patient X
Leave your bed you must not dare
For others please have some care”

It was not Sue

Sue and I use to meet                    
By the old withered tree                 
I held her hand                                
And kissed her cheek                    
First love                                           
For her                                              
And me                                             

Sadly it did not last                         
Her curls no longer mine               
She came no more                         
Our trysting place                            
I cried                                                

Yes, there were other girls            
But curls they had but few            
I held them tight                              
And snuggled up                            
It was 
Not Sue                                 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Smart as a button

Humphrey Pratt was an awful geek
To whom I chose not to speak
His voice, his hair, his prissy ways
Left all us others in a daze

What’s worse he lived quite close to us
So often we'd both catch the bus
And what horror he would sit by me
I’d imagine him as a jumping flea

Until I found he had a sister Sue
Smart as a button and pretty too
Who smiled as though I was his friend
This nearly drove me round the bend

Oh, slash my wrists and hope to die
Her cute looks and sparkle in her eye
Put some sense in this my carcass
Kissing her proved I'd been a jackass

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Her dark eyes sparkled

Her dark eyes sparkled
Revealing; understanding
But she was not mine

I love raven hair
And hers shone like ebony
I longed to touch it

Yes, she knew that too
Her tact and prudence a curse
She’s too wise by far

And in our farewell
She offered her cheek to me
Delightful embrace

If I could but sing
What ballad of love would prove
Her superb beauty?

But no voice let forth
Still, she’s ever in my mind
My perfect dreamscape