Friday, July 1, 2016

So I saw her there

So I saw her there
Walking in the street
A flick of her dark hair
How my heart did beat

But she passed me by
Didn't even stare
She must have heard me sigh
Walked on without care

Next day just one grin                     
Twinkle in her eyes                         
Was exchanged to begin               
That was a surprise                         

My heart did expand                        
Greeted her next day                       
Soon we strolled hand in hand     
Laughing on our way                      

My girl was so warm                        
Soft my tender touch                       
Kissing our nightly norm                
Loving her so much                                    

Soon we were but one                    
Laughing caring two                                   
Each our special someone                        
Never to let go                                  

We're together now                               
In each others skin                          
Loving one another                    
She’s my heroine                            

Passion is our norm                                    
Eyes twinkling with fun                      
We’ll keep each other warm
Our life’s just begun 

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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The aging poet

Birthdays, O birthdays
Were it not but for you 
I would feel young again

Foolish child I was 
Looking forward each year
To this most hateful day

Did you not see change
What is a numbers use
As each fresh year condemns

Take me back please do
Return me to springtime
Where fresh is the morning

Then the future was bright
Mountains were there to climb
Stars were to wish upon

There’s no spring in my step
Can I catch that girl’s eye
Or run after the bus?

Birthdays, O birthdays
Yet were it not for them
I could not write these words

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Ferry to France

So I must tell you truly
My stomach is quite unruly
As we sail across to France

It clearly is not easy
When you're feeling very queasy
Leading you a merry dance

Violent is the weather now
I really am not feeling well
So ask that you look askance

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Sunday, June 26, 2016

I still need you

We found a path
Through the scrubland
Wildflowers there
Poppies blushing
Grinning for their worth

Over the dunes
Coastal heaven
Salt in the air
We found our own
Deserted beach
Empty foreshore just for us

Sun was flaring
Coats cast away
Stripping right down
Rush to the sea
A single kiss
Before innocence lost

I am old now
Remember it well
Love of my life
Where have you gone?
I still need you
All my past life unspooled 

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Saturday, June 25, 2016


"I've been to the dentist, sorry if I sound funny...just why are you laughing?"

"Because you said",“Ahll banta tu le deathlist, thury e ah thoun huny", then "Ooayahu hlahing?"

"I don’t sound like that do I?"

Yes you do as you just saidAda thoun thlike thlat du ay?”

"I’m going to bed".

Good idea, wish I was ”howing to ved” too.

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Friday, June 24, 2016

The heat of our love

I saw you first that day in autumn
You wore a coat with a fur collar
Then you flicked your hair from your green eyes
Still you did not see me

In winter I saw you in the street
Cold hands thrust deep in your coat's pockets
Gave me a sweet smile of recognition
And we both said hello

Then how you had blossomed in springtime
We held hands your head on my shoulder
I breathed you in as I kissed your lips
As we warmed each other

We went to our sandy beach in summer
Laughing touching we bathed in the sea
Dripping vowing we would never part
In the heat of our love

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

She had gone by fall

There was a young man
What a great lesson it was
First pain from lost love

How he loved her eyes
Her turned up nose
Touching her soft hands

She had gone by fall
The sad leaves fell from the trees
And tears from his eyes

She had looked elsewhere
Has love no resilience
What hope future now? 

Did he climb mountains
Sail across the seven seas
To find another?

I will tell you this
That he lead so many lives
And kept his secrets

One day years later
A message from far away
Can we still be friends?

Two loving people
Writing to each other still
But never to meet

Such tenderness there
That sweet breathe of young love had
Now been rekindled

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