Thursday, May 28, 2015

I have this crush

Pardon me for being in a rush
It's just that I have this crush
On this girl that's such a lush
I glanced at her and she did blush
That even made my face to flush
So our date is why I'm in this rush

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Pretty pink toes

I opened my eyes
Just what had we done last night?
Lying on the floor

The air was so stale
And reeked of cheap liquor
I remember now

Lost another job
With misery my only friend
Drowning my sorrows

Until I thought of you
A privilege to know you
For you'd sympathise

Me drunk as a skunk
You fast asleep in your chair
With pretty pink toes

I reached up to touch
But you sadly shook your head
Then said "Time you went"
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Boys of yesterday

I was a weedy child; a little runt in days long gone
Food was rationed, candy too for the war was on
But Dad had a garden where vegetables he grew
It was our job to pull out weeds, as well we knew

It was much more fun for us boys to run and play
Down in the dark woods by the creek and stay all day
We'd climb the trees and scare the squirrels with our din
Sting our legs on nettles then be late home again

We'd push and shove for this is what boys do at play
How we tussled until Mother saw us and did say
"You are a pair, where have you been? Why do you roam?
Don't you know your father is already home?

We were sent to get washed up before dinner time
She pointed to the clock and warned "before Six's chime"
Dad gave us both a wink over the newspaper's top
She glared at him "They skipped the weeding, that's got to stop"

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Monday, May 25, 2015

Heaven Sent

Old man stood on the busy street
As commuters passed by his feet
There a frown always on his face
For none bought from him at that place

He stayed there all that long day
Until the sunshine turned to gray
For he was that funny old fella
That all day long sold umbrellas

At spots of rain he'd nod his head
But when it poured a smile would spread
Shoppers their homeward path would wend
Now people were happy for to spend

T'was not long before he'd sold out
Rain was gushing from each water spout
He left for home and prayed as he went
For that good rain was heaven sent

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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Maggie May

Now I remember Maggie May
Was told to call her Auntie
Why not? She was one to me 
She was always busy but sad
But had time enough for this lad

Country cottage where she lived
Rough stone walls like her worn hands
She had a deep guttural laugh
She spoke to me without cease
Crooning like a warm sheep's fleece

She'd raised one of those there too
Who was watchful as a guard dog
That would butt all intruders
Diving at any legs he'd see
Except for mine 'cos he knew me

I used to walk up there alone
She welcomed me like a son
And would always touch my face
I knew that she loved me then
With her it was just heaven

Monday was her washing day
Sheets were bleached, rinsed then wrung too
I helped to peg them out to dry
She'd be humming some love song
And hugging me for far too long

Indoors we was busy too
I'd sort buttons, cottons and all
And was allowed to poke the fire
But sat down as she mended socks
To sort out her needlework box

With all her indoor chores now done
Out came cards or dominoes
She was no fool at any game
I found new methods how to play
Oh, how I miss my Maggie May

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Saturday, May 23, 2015

My Glorious Spring

Youth misspent of course
But what an education
A botanist I

Until I met you
It was then that I blossomed
My glorious Spring

Were you in my life?
All my sweet scented flowers
Basking in sunshine

Poppy was bubbly
Heather wanted so much more
did make Rose blush

Iris was so tall
Lily stayed at my pad
I loved Jasmines scent

Fleur was so petite
You'd say I was in Clover
Posy a puzzle

Daisy chained me up
Young Ivy did cling to me
Petal shook me off

Those times now long past
Sadly I've faded not they
For I walk alone

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Walking on the beach

"Find a place to park
Look down there" she said, pointing
I pulled the car in

It was deserted
Mid week, not a soul around
The sun welcomed us

Walking on the beach
What a day to remember
As I held her hand

She was so petite
Paddling at the waters edge
Running from the surf

Collecting seashells
We both tried to find the best
But she always won

Gulls and terns weren't sure
They squawked high above us now
A crab scuttled off

Stripping off her clothes
"I'm going in" she said
Determined to swim

"Come on, you can too"
Now without a stitch on 
I gulped nervously

I kept glancing back
Were we the only ones there
Swimming in the sea?

I loved how she laughed
I'll always remember her
Walking on that beach

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