Wednesday, July 1, 2015

I laughed out loud

I drew the curtains
The weather was miserable
A somber grey day

Sad clouds rushed above
Obedient to their master
Raspy thunder coughed

Then the lightning struck
The clouds wet themselves with fear
and I laughed out loud

So I went outside
Standing there unprotected
Now kissed by the rain

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Breaking my heart

When I look back now
to my childhood years
when I had parents
poor as church mice
war was raging
the world was ablaze
army trucks in the streets
planes flew overhead
and bombs rained down
I could walk in the fields
wade in the cold stream
climb the old oak tree
observing the squirrels
play with my schoolmates
tease the girl up the road
get stung by the nettles
race our dog back home
then read the comics
feeling so free
all seemed good to me

I couldn't see ahead
to changing schools
girls laughing at me
of breaking my heart
stressing over exams
trying to find a job
of losing a girlfriend
paying my taxes
getting a mortgage
a second hand car
being responsible
serving my country
married with babies
sickness and funerals
kids now adults
getting those grey hairs
a bit of a paunch
being left alone
deaf and aching
hearing the clock tick
who wants to be free?

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Just for the records

What can I tell you
About my beautiful Kathleen?
I loved to touch her hands
How she'd get lost in a book
Her mind elsewhere
No idea where she was
It was the same with letters
She's rush to the mailbox
As though a lover had written
Yet I thought I was him

Just for the records, it's over
Finished, she's gone, run off
"Going to the shops" she said
Must be still there, it's dark now
While I'm sitting here alone
Waiting for my phone to ring
Thinking about my life with her
The way it has all panned out
Love and beauty are transient
They come into your life then walk out

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Saturday, June 27, 2015

The forest loves us

When were you the happiest? I asked, She smiled and said "When we were lost in the forest". I remembered those times too. We would take our lunch and binoculars. We did not have to walk far into the trees before we found a magic land. As we ventured further in the silence surrounded us. Occasional shafts of light ventured through the treetops and the tweets and coos were heard but unseen. As we slowed our pace we could hear the tinkle of a stream and tentatively made our way to obey its beckoning. A small area lit by an opening provided by a fallen tree was where we rested. 

The wild ones silence was broken by our stillness. It was as though in approval the birds got back to work and flew over the water to catch insects or have a bath. Some chortled with laughter others cooed lazily as we moved not a limb. Suddenly there was a shuffle as an animal ambled through the undergrowth and started digging with its snout close to us to find food. It was an Echidna that looked up at us with his beady eyes, nodded his head and continued his quest for ants. You then said to me "It is so beautiful I feel like singing"

                                                Singing with the stream
                                                 Rippling happily along
                                                   The forest loves us

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My son is back home

I try to think back
When I was a teenager
What music I played

My son is back home
Now shaking the foundations
Head banging music

We cower alone
While the rock band plays its stuff
The dog looks frightened

I'll take him walkies
My wife offers, smiling at me
The dog wags his tail

Outside it's raining
I love walking in the rain
I say, getting up

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Tall trees whisper

The tall trees whisper a welcome as I enter the national park.

They know me well as I talk to them and watch her furry and feathered friends as I carefully place my feet.

There are sighs of contentment when all is well and of clear streams run tinkling with laughter.

Recently they have moaned with pain as sad tidings are brought from afar on the wind.

They tell of soot and chemicals on their leaves and of visitors that leave poison in the water.

When the wind blows the trees shake with fear that man is a monster hell bent on destruction.

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A Precious Gift

It was our first date
There was a lump in my throat
I was so nervous

Springtime and still cold
She came and looked beautiful
Grinning, eyes lowered

I felt warm at once
How on earth did I find her?
As she held my arm

Gave her chocolates
"I have got nothing for you"
She apologised

Puzzled, I just said
"But you have come, haven't you?
That's a precious gift"

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