Saturday, April 25, 2015

Mystery's Trap

My poor mind has now drawn a blank
This poem fails to form with ease
Nothing comes at the prompt word's tease
Many ideas toured through my mind
Prompting "Nothing" was so unkind
To Magical nought I have to thank

So I must sadly say goodbye
Nothing is a negative thought
I think of all the books I've bought
But they've not helped me now to play
Thin air is all you get today
Apologise I do with one sad sigh

Oh dear! I fell for Mystery's trap
And done what I thought I could not do
A poem has come out of the blue
This verse appeared just like a ghost
When the poet needed it the most
So put you hands together and clap

Image of painting by Gustave Caillebotte, "Portrait of a Man Writing in His Study"
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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Are you buying sir?

Sunny day in spring
She stood there in the market
Basket on her arm

Beautiful, a plum
Her hair was all akimbo
Secret gems for eyes

I so wanted her
Desperate to kiss those lips
To touch her fingers

She saw me looking
So then slowly walked my way
Crowd parting for her

"Are you buying sir?"
She laughed, our eyes were now locked
The crowd hushed in awe

This our first meeting
Heralded a fierce romance
My money well spent

I think of her still
And all my other lovers
I weep but for her

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A small endowment


I talk to the earth
Soon I shall know her in spades
She knows me for sure

I sing to the sea
I hear her sad sirens call
She whispers to me

I hear the wind's song
It tells our history so well
All over the world

Have I told my tale?
Will there be thunderous applause?
That I did no harm

Let me rest in peace
Let children see earth's beauty
A small endowment

But is has great worth
Please make sure you value it
It's worth more than gold

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Monday, April 20, 2015

Life for me today

I hate the rattle of my bones
I loathe the ringing of the phones
Others hate to hear my moans
But that is life for me today

I risk walking down the street
As I slip and slide on my feet
So I shun everyone I meet
For that is life for me today

I fear my falling at every step
All of me seems so inept
I can't say I've been well kept
Up to this very point today

Life was fun when I was young
Oh! What songs I have sung
Oops! Now I've trod in some dung
Ah! That is life for me today

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The picture is not in fact me but that of a former Dutch Prime minister tripping on a red carpet!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

I am in love again

Breath of love 
I feel your hand
You close your eyes
And when we kiss
I then hear your sighs

Unspoken words
I touch your  hair
You lean into my hand
On a journey 
To a promised land

In joyous bond
I kiss your cheek
You and I snuggle up
We are but one
Sipping our loving cup

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Saturday, April 18, 2015

My mind askew

Unhappy I am with crimson thoughts
The nightmare pulls my mind askew
A sanguinary battle rages now
As pain once more builds up anew

Once more guilt rattles this my cage
This guesthouse of furry creatures wild
I yearn for those moments now long past
When peace reigned like a sleeping child

There was a time when life was flowers
Blooming sweet scented days so few
Firm the rudder in our ship of state
Steady your arm, sweet kiss, loving you

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Free as a bird

I remember when
My youth was at its full bloom
Future so far off

Life seemed good back then
I did the breweries proud
How I laughed out loud

Pub my second home
Of smoking I did my share
Filling the ashtrays

Once or twice stumbled
Lost in the dark lonely streets
On the wrong way home

Man with no mission
Luckily short my romance
With this foolish life

Was I spurned in love
Or bullied in the workplace
Or just plain stupid?

No, for I was young
Responsibilities none
As free as a bird

Waiting to be snared
In that first seductive kiss
Of a sweet romance

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