Wednesday, August 26, 2015

When I was a child

Except when I was a child I have always had a large nose.

My proboscis has projected from my face for all to see and turn their own noses up at the sight.

In compensation my brain has compensated so I have always liked, loved, nay adored girls and women with cute little noses that would not clash with mine in any close encounter.

And so it was with ears too that my large flappers much like Dumbo's caused quite a stir too but not enough for me to fly with them.

You would have thought that with such large receptors my hearing would be acute but as the years passed so has the the reception of the spoken word.

So if you are talking please do not whisper but project your voice and there is a chance that I might hear you.

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NB, Neither picture shows the real me but one is close.

Just where did you go?

My world unravels
I'm not who I used to be
Or thought that I was

When it was springtime
Youth rampant in all I did
Just where did you go?

What use is wisdom?
While fates fist is menacing
There's still much to do

I kissed her soft cheeks
What a sweet lover you were
Life's experience

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I breathe in your soul

Look out the window 
Our eyes see all the wide world
Waving back at us

It tells such stories
Visiting exotic places
To tickle our minds

When I write of love
It makes my heart beat so fast
To have you with me

When I look at you
And dare to kiss your soft cheek
I breathe in your soul

Words are a blessing
There's such joy in poetry
Enriching our lives

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Sunday, August 23, 2015

The best of times

The best of times comes
When life renews
That sweet smell of dung 
Enters my lungs
Seeds sown now do sprout
Rise up and smile

The brook flows again
Laughing with joy
Robins, moles and frogs
Bask in the warmth
As corn lifts its head
On farming land

Vines soon blush with pride
As grapes cluster
Basking in summer
As I do too
When I reach for you
To kiss your lips

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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Eden's Beauty

What strange creatures these
Dumb and chiseled faces see nought
Of Eden's beauty

Such superior ways
Drunk with wine and mad power
Human race of shame

They have stained this earth
Foreign being without soul
Winner for no cause

Cruel feckless wild beast
While we cower in hollows
Puzzled with strange fear

Where is tomorrow?
O for a luminous dawn
Without mankind's tread

Come quickly that day
When his fate is made lucid
Earth free once again

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I met Helen

It was a mistake
To take her to the ball game
She loved the pitcher

I couldn't match up
To that athletic hero
On the other team

So I drowned my thoughts
In the city library
I was lost in words

Drinking in the calm
The soothing quiet of books
I there met Helen

She too had a face 
For to launch a thousand ships
And such pretty hands

She nodded at me
When I suggested coffee
And we got on fine

I was not surprised
She told me she loved horses
I'll fight to keep her

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There are of course some allusions to the Greek story of Helen of Troy in this piece

Thursday, August 20, 2015

A grave young man

“You’re looking rather grave young man”

I looked up to see who spoke and found a rather disreputable angel nodding at me, a new entrant, dead on my feet as it were.

“Sorry for the quip, but welcome and I hope your stay here is filled with fun and happiness,” he concluded.

So this was it, the after life inhabited by wisecracking angels trying to make this homecoming a bit of a laugh.

“Have I come up or gone down”, I asked politely. 

“I’m not sure” he replied “As nobody has told me that yet either”

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