Monday, 3 December 2012

You are the light of my Life

When I look at you
You are the light of my life
You brighten my day

When I speak to you
You listen to me with love
You have trust in me

When I dare to touch
You smile and encourage me
And fast my heart beats

When for you I yearn
I know that you wait for me
No matter how long

When I hold you close
We melt together to be
One being in love


  1. This is a very sweet love poem ... amazingly done !!!

  2. Best poem I've read in quite awhile. Thanks for sharing. =-)

  3. Good poem from the hop of Josie I like what you wrote :)
    Happy Tuesday!!

  4. Beautiful words of love that would be treasured by your beloved! Indeed that kind of love does light up life beyond measure! I so enjoy seeing this side of you Old Egg!

  5. Nice, O.E. YOu have recorded this so nicely. I especially like your ending, the two melting together.