Tuesday, 18 December 2012

What do I wish for?

What do I wish for?
To be always at your side
Knowing you are near

What do I long for?
Your touch that makes me shiver
With such a delight

What do I dream of?
Being with you forever
Springtime and in fall

Such a pair like us
Will surely last a lifetime
In such utmost bliss

Your eyes say it all
We are one united soul
Passionate lovers


  1. Wishes are twice as good when shared!

  2. Such beautiful words of romance, Old Egg! Somewhere there was or is an inspiration for this passion! I liked it very much, it made me smile to know love is still exists in our tired old world. Thank you for sharing this poem with us at Two Shoes Tuesday!

  3. Always so romantic ! always so sweet and so beautifully expressed :)

  4. These wishes are all so wonderful, and the final line says it all: Passionate lovers. Always best when the loving outlasts the turbulent "raising kids" years...! Amy