Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Io on a desert island (No 11)

After being hijacked by the Greek goddess Io on the way home from Britain to Australia I found myself being charmed by her to such an extent I was now travelling the Pacific with her on a strange quest to find the legendary Pacific creator god Io, her namesake.
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Now I am sure you don’t want me to recount a travelogue of our visits to Tahiti, Samoa, Tonga and then Fiji. But I must say that as tourists we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves we saw spectacular scenery, awesome waterfalls, met and spoke to scores of islanders or Io did as she was could speak any language. I am not sure she was asking them about the old religion but she certainly had them mesmerized and no wonder, she shone!
Me? I was just tongue tied! She loved the feasts and dancing displays which she thought were put on just for her. We swam in hotel pools, walked on deserted beaches and I even managed to get her into a little outrigger canoe for a paddle off a beach in Samoa. She was a bit frustrated that she couldn’t swim nude as there seemed that such activity was pretty much frowned on there.
All the while I juggled my duties as guide, researcher and her demands as her lover but as before I was denied the details of the last by Io wiping my memory after each encounter. Except that is for a wonderful feeling of love and warmth I experienced all the time I was with her.
However I found a luxury resort on in Tonga that had fales on the beach where we could stay in utmost privacy, just strolling over to the main resort when we needed to for drinks, dining and entertainment. It was on a tiny island remote from the main Island of Tongatapu and I could see an almost visible change in her demeanour. She relaxed. My guess was that she did not expect to be found by any of the enormous pantheon of Greek gods and their hangers on who were only too ready report back to Zeus and the others of who was doing what in their idle moments.
I had already done some research and found that according to legend Zeus had not actually made love to her. He only touched her finger which was enough to make her pregnant and she bore a child for him, her son Epaphus. Then recalling her warning that I was never to tell any of the other Greek gods of our sexual relationship I finally realised that this was all about face. Nobody, god or man had ever made love to her properly until me. Finger touching might be fun but even a Greek goddess feels like getting down to the real thing for once in her life.
“Io, who is going to find out? Surely if Zeus knows I am travelling with you he will suspect?”
At this Io laughed out loud. “No, no, it is not Zeus that I am worried about; he is always up to his bleary eyeballs with nymphs and maidens whenever he feels like it.” She paused and then continued “That is when he is not on the bottle. I think it was a matter of face with him that after Athena had me banished and chased by the gadfly when I did get to Egypt he was still determined to have me but was so hopelessly drunk that the best he could manage was a touch of the fingers. Oh, heaven’s I’ve done it again. I’ve told you another secret. And am I talking with an Australian accent?” She grinned then touched my fingers as a demonstration of what Zeus did. “No, no, it is not him; but do you know how many minor gods and goddesses are sneaking around looking for the dirty on anyone better than themselves. I couldn’t risk that. But now for the first time I feel that we are alone. As there is virtually no one here except the staff; I won’t wipe your memory now.”
I said not a word. All this was totally illogical to me but why argue? She had already stripped and was pulling at my tee shirt as her face crinkled with laughter.


  1. I am enjoying this funny story and I hope the poor guy is finally allowed to remember something of what happens.

  2. You mean she was a virgin before him? Poor little nymph.

  3. That is quite a story you have going. :) What if some minor gods are hiding behind the curtains? ;)

  4. I really do not think I could cope with all the growing complications, but then, I've never dallied with a real Goddess, so who can tell? Great stuff to read.

  5. he's having a good time with his goddess

  6. Interesting and entertaining, as I've come to expect! Somehow, I suspect your protagonist would have been better off to have had his memory wiped clean this last time as the other times--a lot can happen when making love to a goddess (so I have heard!).

  7. As I read..I thought of this as a kind of fully formed/grown up 'Hitch_Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy'..inter-galactic-ally intriguing..and always useful to have a towel..Jae