Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Fear my dear is clear
It is when you lose all hope
Decisions not near

But hope is that dream
When concerns are now banished
Strength of mind takes over

And for each problem
There must be a solution
Just look, it is there


  1. I love the message of your poem and the way you crafted the words to form it, Old Egg, a really good piece! As you know, "Hope" is my life sermon, so I was really pleased with your contribution to Two Shoes Tuesday, thanks for joining us! :-)

  2. Excellent haiku. When I read it aloud, it sounds beautiful.

  3. I'm liking your poem in haiku form, "Bumper" ~~ I to believe that fear must be met and resolved. Otherwise it festers.

    One of my SIX (also) grandchildren, now 33, calls me to this day "Bumpa" as he couldn't say grandpa.
    Thank you for you nice comment.

  4. love the poem... but I do have to tell you that sometimes there really is no solution

  5. Not always, dear Friend, or maybe it's chosen blindness to an answer not wanted.