Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Rastus settles in (No 5)

Our unexpected stay over at Penny’s that weekend was a great success. Well it was certainly that way for Rastus. He settled in as though it was his home and had a contented look on his face. Hopefully there was contented look on my face as well, but Penny wasn’t quite so sure.
You are about to ask “How did we get on?” We got on very well, she was soft and beautiful and both attentive and receptive to my caressing and kissing. Rastus seemed satisfied too as he lay at our feet more than contented with his day and the fact we were together. When I let him out last thing at night for his final walk around the garden I said “Behave, no chasing possums.” He returned a few minutes later but reported no sightings.
Penny and I talked too. We talked about work and family and our childhoods and were very comfortable in each other’s company. However at one point at a break in conversation she paused then came right out with it. “You have been hurt haven’t you?”
I nodded.
“She dumped you.”
“Those are kind words. I would say I was jettisoned. Thrown overboard like rubbish from a ship.”
“I often wondered what the difference was between flotsam and jetsam. So what is flotsam?”
“Goods lost from a ship accidentally, I think. But if it washes ashore grab it quick before customs know it's there.” By this time I had returned to stroking her feet gently and counting her toes.
“Five, on each foot” she stated.
“Just checking.”
At bedtime she suggested I share her bed.
“What is the alternative?”
“Floor with Rastus, couch with a blanket, or in the garden with the possums. You choose.”
“I have no PJ’s, toothbrush or night cream.”
“I have a spare toothbrush, the rest you can share with me.”
We all slept well that night. It must have been the wine. Goodness knows what Rastus drank.
We went for another walk in the park early in the morning. It was so different at that hour. There was an early morning mist over the water at the lake and a mob of kangaroos were drinking unconcerned. Luckily I had Rastus on the lead so we steered away from them and took a circular route around the park watching the birdlife assert themselves in their chosen territory.
When we got back to Penny’s place I said to her “We will give it a try then, if that is OK?”
Penny turned to Rastus and said “What do you reckon?”
Rastus looked at us both grinning at him and barked an affirmative.
Let’s hope he keeps us together.


  1. The kangaroos made me smile..can imagine the park 'you' are in..Jae

  2. You will obviously get no dissent from Rastus - he seems to be a clever dog.

  3. I loved this story, Robin. So... not "adult," because that sounds smarmy. So grown-up in its content and attitude.

    Just don't let Rastus in the bed, too, or you'll never shake him. I learned that lesson long ago!

    This story left me warm all over. Amy

  4. I'm glad you didn't opt to bunk with Rastus. I'm really enjoying these stories.

  5. a mob of kangaroos seems quite threatening...but seeing as how they all escaped without much todo I'm guessing maybe they're not all that.

    I do have to say that Rastus definitely seems like one smart dog. I like how the tail is progressing.