Sunday, 13 November 2011

Ahu and the Good Life (Part 26)

It was summer again and Ahu was walking on the beach with Hoata. Their two boys were running along black sands with sticks in their hands whooping and laughing scampering in and out of the water and being splashed by the breaking waves.
Ahu’s little girl Hekehoru was toddling along between the two women and running after the seagulls if they came too close and clapping her hands with delight as they took off in the air and landed further away.
Ahu then sat down putting her basket by her side and stretching out on the beach, looked up at the sky. “Life is good, Hoata, we must thank the gods for that.”
Hoata nodded in agreement. “I agree, although I am always worried when it is quiet in our house. We have had so many disasters in over the last few years it seemed that was what we should get used to.”
“I am glad for you Hoata. It must have been a great help that both Hinewai and Hatiti have settled down with their husbands. I am glad too that neither of them looks at Ahuahu anymore,” she said with a smile. “And Kamaka he is happier now?”
“Why do you not ask me outright, Ahu? I know what you mean. Does he love me like Ahuahu loves you? He is much better at tending to my needs.” She laughed and then went on. “Mind you I must tease him a little with a little chatter while I brush my body against his as though I am doing it by accident.” Hoata paused again. “Yes, Ahu I think he loves me now.”
The two women were silent for a moment just watching the children. Then Hoata went on.
“Hinewai still is not pregnant. I am sure she would like to be after losing her first baby.” Ahu nodded in agreement but kept silent.
“Look at those boys; they are growing up so fast. They come home after being with their fathers and smell of the sea and of fish. Even now they would rather be in the boats.” Ahu looked at the two splashing in the shallows.
“Fish is all very well but I like the taste of the fat animals that Ahuahu found in the forest,” said Hoata.
Ahu shook her head. “No, I am glad they are all gone. They were a constant reminder of the pakeha. We are better off eating the fish from the sea and the birds in the forest rather than have to face those ugly smelly men again.”
“You are right Ahu,” replied Hoata, “We have an abundance of food here even though we have to work hard for it.”
Ahu laughed as she looked Hoata’s disappointed face. “Well perhaps they could drop a few of those animals off on this beach for next winter, but for now life is so good.”


  1. Oh yes!! Life is good for the happy contended family and everything going well!! It could not have been better!! I am amazed how masterfully you have been crafting this story!!

  2. Yes, it sounds good..a full fridge (so to speak) fills the mind..Nanka is right in saying that each piece gets more finely crafted..Jae

  3. I really enjoy the setting and characters in this story. I have some catching up to do. Do you have a synopsis somewhere?

  4. I get the sense that more drama is ahead, so it's nice to see this little interlude of happiness and no big worries.

  5. This is such a happy little scene. It sure looks like life is good, but I wonder what you'll have in store for them next. Great writing!

  6. This is a nice little respite in the story, though now I feel like eating roast pig.