Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Seeds of hope for Chloe

A few months later Chloe and Jim were now living at his place. They had announced their engagement and her apartment which she had sold easily within a couple of weeks netting her close on $150,000 after paying out her mortgage. As Jim had now had his vasectomy reversed Chloe insisted that the cost which was enormous was her engagement present to him.

"My proviso was that whatever good comes out of it should be mine alone." She had said with an impish smile.

Later she said, “I know that even our friends are saying I trapped you in this relationship. That may be true but every woman must do what she can to win the man she truly loves.” They were snuggled up together in his house. They had ignored the settee and she was sitting on his lap their arms around each other in an armchair and somehow he had found his way under her top and was tracing a pattern with his fingers over her shoulders and neck and making little forays into rounder softer places while she lay her head on his shoulder touching his face, running her fingers over his nose and checking the stubble starting to appear on his chin as evening approached.

“You on the other hand” she went on picking up his left hand in a demonstration of the meaning of her words, “not only wanted to change the world but wanted to change me too. You wanted to improve the quality of education in your school and seeing a hopeless girl making a fool of herself behaved like Sir Galahad, rescued her and rode away with her on your charger.”

Jim kissed her nose, then her now closed eyes, continued kissing her cheeks, her ears, nuzzled into her hair then kissed her half open lips. He then drew away from her and said. “Stop analysing us. The most important thing is that we have found each other, love each other and have been completely honest with each other.”

Chloe jiggled a bit as though uncomfortable. Jim sensing there was more to it than that, said. ”Well haven’t we?”

“I want to be married in church.”

“That’s O.K.”

“As early as possible” she went on.

“Must we? You know how complicated these things are to arrange, what with the church and reception bookings and getting the date right to suit everyone.”

“Well I know we talked about next year Jim, but I really wanted a wedding dress that wasn’t too big. Do you understand what I mean?”

“Oh, so Sandra was right in being cautious.”

“Jim, from this moment on I do not want her name to be mentioned ever again. You are part of me now. We are one. I know I fought hard to win you. There is something in you that I knew was really special right from the start. You are loving, caring, gentle, sincere and…

“And what?” Jim asked.

“I nearly said flawed.” Chloe went on. “No, that is not it, we both are. You just needed me to make you perfect…again.”

“Well I just have to agree with that.”

“Thank you. Now if the little one is going to be girl I would like to call her Maya after the Indian goddess of dreams.”

“And if it’s a boy perhaps we could call him Ayam,” responded Jim.

“I am yours utterly Jim. There is nothing I wouldn’t do to please you but doesn’t Ayam mean chicken in Indonesian?”

“Yes, you are right. All I did was reverse the letters of Maya. No I should have been called Ayam as I was such a fool nearly wrecking my life before I met you. Shall we go up to bed?”

“It's time we started to prepare a meal Jim."

“It is the right time then?!” Asked Jim.

Here we say farewell to Jim and Chloe. Thank you for your interest in this unlikely couple.


  1. Good Lord, these two are a pair either from Hell, or meant to be together. They have the communication skills of ashtrays!

    Loved this, Rob. Full of whimsy and the folly of new romance. Amy

  2. I truly do hope they stay happ with each other. Maybe the addition of a child will improve their communication, and maturity.

    Cute story and well written.

  3. Very nicely wound up. You will have pleased a lot of your fans with this ending to the story....the only thing missing was "....and as the sun sinks slowly in the west.....". Just kidding!

  4. they really don't communicate well I hope that changes.Greatstory

  5. Awww, I was hoping that there would be more. Thanks for the smiles :)