Monday, 20 September 2010

I want to come clean

I want to come clean

You see that I’ve been

Too long on the scene

If you know what I mean

It started with Kathleen

Who I met at the Green

Must have been sixteen

And didn’t have a bean.

Wow! that was unseen

That first little bean

Took me really keen

Aboard that time machine.

More came to demean

Me, I drifted so lean

Through fantasies seen

orange, pink and pea green.

Without my vaccine

I was a fiend real mean

From the world’s screen

Smashed in between.

Please do help me wean

Myself from the unclean

Get out of the ravine

And perhaps intervene.

To rise up like a queen

On you I must lean

Aid me, aid me Dean

to break this habit obscene.


  1. Wow! This had real could feel the need to 'clean up'/break the habit..someone with swagger was telling this story! thanks as ever for your visit..Jae

  2. This is a break from the norm for you - I like the rhythm and feel of this. Interesting reactions to this prompt :) Wonderful writing as always.

  3. Just had to pop back and thank you for the caterpillar haiku I love it... you are a clever egg! thank you :o)

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