Monday, 13 September 2010

Don't mention treatment to me

I always feel sad when I hear the word treatment spoken. It is not a bad word, it's just that significant milestones in my life have been ruined by that word alone. I'll give you an example of just three.

I was at school and struggling with some subjects. English expression might be the way it is described now. For us back then it was "Write an essay" (on whatever subject came into the teacher's mind that week). As a schoolboy I fared well with my peers but in front of class I became a bumbling booby. When I handed in my essay in I had high hopes that I would get a reasonable mark. No luck in that quarter "Old Egg" (he might have said had that been my name at the time), "Your treatment of the subject was abysmal". Much laughter from the rest of the class. Meanwhile I shrank to less than half my normal size.

Then there was the time a group of us teenagers did lots together. Occasionally there would be dates between the couples and so it was I managed a trip to the cinema with Angela. Yes, we held hands and I even managed a peck on the cheek to wind the evening up as it were when I walked her home. Her father met us as I walked her to her front door. He glared at me and after bidding Angela goodnight I looked forward to getting to know her better. No luck in that quarter either. From that moment on I appeared to be of an alien species to Angela. The other blokes commented on this saying, "So you got the treatment too did you?"

And so it goes. Health is the final point. From childhood treat has always meant something pleasant, a surprise, an outing, a visit or any number of joyful experiences. Why should an encouraging word like "Treatment" have to mean being subjected to an assortment of indignities just to get you well again. Most of us will have experienced this in one form or another and I have no intention of showing you mine in case you show me yours! I was hoping to find that treatment was an anagram for something dire. There are in fact very few such words in Treatment. Mean is one, rent and tear are others, but the prize word I found to show what treatment was really all about was enema!


  1. I did enjoy reading this, just soo good!

  2. hahhaha oh my - not my favorite word either - I love how you ended this! Definitely not an I'll show you mine/you show me yours situation! Getting older is NOT for sissies..

    By the way - that teacher should have been flogged - publicly!

  3. Aww! I am a teacher! But not like that!

    a child's play

    And do get aboard the Poetry Train every Monday mornings and thereafter!

  4. You made me laugh. I can just picture your delight on finding that word in treatment.

  5. Indeed! Best leave that one to the health care professionals. It's not the best of words is it..I hadn't thought that it kind of spoils the word 'treat'..I am sorry the young OldEgg got bad treatment from the English teacher - he/she would have a treat now if they read your pieces! Thanks for your visit and kind comments..Jae

  6. loved it...and it IS a word that 'pokes' at me too.

  7. interesting how most of us went to the "bad treatment" scenerio.
    we must have had some good withh the bad...maybe..ah parents treated me good but now I confuse the word treat with treatment and I know why we went the way we did.
    nice writing

  8. I've got just the treatment for you! I've passed on to you The Versatile Blogger Award at my How to Get Published blog.