Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Nature’s dawn

It is one of those days
awake early once again
I struggle to get up
It is barely dawn and it feels cold

Reluctantly I draw the curtains
and when I do I see
the trees swathed in a lifting fog
and silence all around

It was so beautiful it seemed as though
I had caught the day slowly revealing
her enticing secrets
with but me to observe her

I quickly dressed
and hurried from my door and
walked briskly to the village pond
as the cold misty morning lingered still.

My breath puffing clouds
as I carefully made my way
to the edge of the water
where the birds too paddled

Slowly I squatted down on my haunches
to be less conspicuous and quite still
scarcely breathed as I too
became at one with the scene.

As they searched for food they were
lenient with me and paid me little account
as scarcely a quack or a chirp told
of my presence on those still waters.

Brightening now as the sun struggled
to burn away the ponds shroud
I felt exhilarated that I was too
Part of nature’s dawn.


  1. I am breathing more deeply after reading this. It reminds me of Robert Frost, whose words I could not live without. If we are willing to observe with our still hearts, there is that moment that she will allow; I love the wink that she shares with you here.

    Happy Summer Solstice!

  2. to become one with nature if only for a morning must have left you walking with clouds...nice write.

  3. Lovely to be a part of nature's dawn.

  4. And here I was thinking the ducks stressed you out too.

  5. A lovely way to spend early morning
    (for some:)in winter. You had me worried there for a moment whey you got down on your haunches.

  6. What a beautiful scene to be a part of..seems like an English duck pond to me..i wonder if it was part of your recent travels..Jae

  7. There is definitely something magical about being out in nature in the early morning. What a lovely experience to have for the asking!

  8. Excellent poem. You really captured the moment, hushed birds and all.

  9. Reading this makes me feel hushed and in the fog...a great poem.

  10. I like the slow unveiling of the morning, as though she knows that you are watching her put her clothes on and that she likes that little bit of voyeurism.
    Nicely done!

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  11. What a lovely scenario you paint with words! I could feel the shrouded stillness and your small place there among the creatures, all welcoming the start of a new day! Beautifully written Old Egg!

  12. Love those moments when it's just me and the waking world, when creatures are more tolerant of our presence as they are also sleepily beginning their day.

  13. Oh my glop! With all the darkness in the stories, catching up with and Altonian...I'm so glad to find at least here life is as it should be! Whew, I needed this one.

    Thank you,